Writing an academic essay is a complex task. You need research resources, defensible analysis, and sometimes lucid theoretical explanation. Furthermore, you need primary materials, transcripts, and bibliographic databases. We have also not talked about limited time, a conducive writing environment, or even short deadlines.

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What is an academic essay?

Ideally, an academic essay is a form of writing whose aim is to address an academic problem. This piece of paper is part of completing a qualification or degree. Moreover, it adheres to an accepted purpose and tone. 

Types of Academic Essays

There are various categories of academic essays, but the major types are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative essays. Descriptive and narrative essays help you explore your creativity, while expository and persuasive essays focus on delivering information in clear points. Let’s expound more about essays.

Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay tests your creativity in making striking word choices. A descriptive form of writing provides in-depth details about something. The important thing is to use figurative language and excellent choice of words

Narrative Essay

Typically, a narrative essay is about telling a story in a well-structured academic essay format. Narrative essays are more creative and personal than other essay types.  It can be an imaginative exploration of something or a situation you have not experienced.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are commonly in exam questions at the college level or high school. They provide a focused, clear explanation of the topic. In addition, these academic essays test your organizational skills and ability to convey information articulately.

Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays commonly deal with topics that are relevant today. They should be influential in changing the reader’s point of view. Persuasive papers are difficult, and that is why they require much practice.

Good Academic Essay Topics

Learning the techniques of an academic essay is more than knowing the writing format. Undeniably, proper essay structure is essential, but choosing the right topic is more crucial. The best topic ideas should be exciting and educative at the same time.

Descriptive essay topics

All topics of descriptive essays should tell about your experiences. These topics need to convey an atmosphere, place, or feeling. Here you can tell about the person who inspires you or the weirdest travel experience.

Narrative essay topics

Narrative essay topics talk about your experiences by telling funny, interesting, or sad stories. Details play a crucial role as they paint a picture for the reader using your words. Therefore, ensure you pick a story you are capable of noting minute details.

Expository essay topics

The goal of expository essays is to conduct an analysis based on research and facts. So, you need to explain how things are happening and argue the process of analysis. For example, how technology can influence society.

Persuasive essay topics

Persuasive topics should convince the reader through morality or emotions. It is through your writing the reader can change their perspective about certain things. For example, you can argue that public transit should be privatized or why school uniform laws are unconstitutional. 

Basic Steps in Writing an Essay

Even if you are not a wordsmith, academic essays should not intimidate you. Once you grasp basic steps and the proper academic paper format, you are good to go. Whether you are writing an argumentative or compare and contrast essay, following the correct academic writing format matters.

Proper format for your academic writing

Essays are essentially linear compared to other academic papers, and they present one idea at a time. Therefore, they must present ideas in a coherent set to make the most sense to a reader. Ideally, academic paper formatting consists of five parts: the introduction, three comprehensive body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

The thesis statement, which is the introduction, introduces the topic to reveal the main message. Then, the three body paragraphs defend the thesis, while the conclusion wraps up the entire argument. Moreover, it should create a lasting impression.

Create an outline

Before you commence your academic essay, ensure you create a comprehensive outline. This acts as the map to guide your writing process. Beforehand, create a thesis statement to convey your message.

Another core component of your outline is subpoints. They are key statements that support your thesis. As you write the essay, ensure you tie it indirectly or directly to the real world. It should explain its relevance to society. Finally, there is a summary, which is a short, precise, and strong statement to conclude your points.

How to start an academic essay

The introduction is the backbone of your academic essay. This is where you should steal the attention of the ready and keep readers hooked. It means you must create a captivating introduction. Start it with a statistic or factual statement.

Another trick is using a quote, which is usually a good opener. However, ensure the quote has a direct relationship with your topic. Alternatively, you can begin with a rhetorical question to jog the reader’s mind.

Academic Essay Main Body

Getting the reader’s attention is easy, but keeping them hooked to your easy can be challenging. That is why the main body requires extra attention. Ensure the main points support the thesis statement with intriguing facts and arguments.

Keep the points short, accurate and factual. Ensure you provide references and statistics to show the authenticity of your ideas. Additionally, choose your words carefully and avoid using technical or jargon terms.

Academic essay conclusion

Wrap up your ideas strongly and cogently. The summary is as vital as the introduction. The reader might not even remember the first sentence of your academic essay, but the conclusion statement can hook them back to your thesis statement.

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