Acute Rehabilitation Floor Reflective Narrative

Acute rehabilitation was a good experience especially in understanding interdisciplinary collaboration. A physician often led a team of rehabilitation experts including rehabilitation nurses, therapists, psychologists and case managers. Ideally, a good team of experts often produces great results for patients in need of acute rehabilitation. Furthermore, I learnt that acute rehabilitation is essential because of the various patient types that require such treatment. The patients include people with neurological conditions, brain stroke, physical injuries and other medical issues.

Ethical considerations in delivering acute treatment are critical, especially in the dealing with various patients. Nurses and other professionals must treat patients in ways that maintain human dignity. In cases where patients cannot make decisions, the professionals should collaborate with family members to make the best decisions that suit the patient. Leadership is also critical in delivering acute rehabilitation treatment. Most treatment procedures involve rigorous physical, occupational or speech therapies undertaken by a group of professionals. Therefore, the management must coordinate the teams to ensure optimum outcomes for patients in the program. Leadership often dictates the welfare of patients and staff within the facility. Acute Rehabilitation Floor Reflective Narrative.

Technology is also critical in improving the role of acute rehabilitation in improving quality of life among patients. Notably, hospitals should keep up with new technology that benefits patients. Where possible, it is essential for an acute rehabilitation department to run a research department dedicated to developing new rehabilitation technology. Finally, health policy is critical in providing acute rehabilitation. The department should regularly review health policies to ensure they do not deter patients from receiving treatment. For example, sound health policies provide avenues for patients to pay for acute rehabilitation comfortably without straining. The hospital should improve health policies, leadership, collaboration and technology in the department. Acute Rehabilitation Floor Reflective Narrative

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