ANA Code of Ethics Essay

ANA Code of Ethics Essay

ANA Code of Ethics

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The ANA code of ethics was specifically developed to guide the performance of nursing roles and responsibilities in clinical and community settings in a way that promotes safety and quality in nursing while fulfilling ethical professional obligations. For the purpose of this discussion, the tenet of choice is collaborating with other healthcare providers and the public in protecting human rights, reducing health disparities and promoting health diplomacy (Olson & Stokes, 2016) ANA Code of Ethics Essay.

In my practice setting, this tenet can be applied through health promotion strategies that promote universal health as a patient’s right. This can be achieved through increased coverage outcomes and accessibility, interprofessional collaboration to promote affordability and using innovative approaches in healthcare financing, delivery and management (Thornton et al., 2016). This tenet can also be applied through collaboration with community members and other healthcare providers to advocate for the rights of patients in extreme, complex and extraordinary settings.

This tenet is supported by Betty Neuman’s System Model theory which emphasizes the need of every patient being considered unique and special with varied religious and cultural beliefs and values. Therefore, the care provided should address all of a patient’s needs and this encourages holistic care, the ability to safeguard human rights and reduce healthcare disparities (Turner & Kaylor, 2015). In regards to ethical theories, the theory of autonomy supports this tenet since it emphasizes on allowing patients to be autonomous in clinical decision making. This theory also explains why patients should be granted control over their lives since they best understand their motivations, emotions and abilities (Sarafis et al., 2014). Patients who are independent prefer to have control over individual life experiences to attain desired health goals. By granting patients autonomy, it is inarguable that their rights are safeguarded, diplomacy is promoted and there’s a limited likelihood of experiencing healthcare disparities. ANA Code of Ethics Essay


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For many nurses, the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics is the single most useful document to consult when dealing with ethical problems in nursing practice. The Code offers standards for ethical behavior but does not provide the theoretical underpinnings of those standards.

In preparation for this discussion, please identify one of the nine tenets in the Code that is not clear or that you find difficult to support in your practice setting. After review the accompanying interpretive statements in the text, analyze the ways in which the tenet reflects the ethical theories you reviewed in week one.

Please include the following:

Identify the tenet you have selected and why you find it unclear or difficult to support in your practice.
Give an example of how the tenet might be applied in your practice setting.
Explain the ways in which the tenet is supported by any or all of the theories you reviewed in week one.
Explain how the tenet is compatible with any of the ethical theories. ANA Code of Ethics Essay
Explain why, in light of these theories, the meaning or usefulness of the tenet may be more apparent to you now. Alternatively, does it still seem congruent with your practice?

Reminder: Your written assignments must follow APA 6th edition guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations/sources. ANA Code of Ethics Essay

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