How to write an article critique- Steps and example

Writing an article critique paper helps students convey their understanding of any given research article. In addition, the paper allows you to identify dependent and independent variables and discuss how authors did their analyses. You’ll also refine your research methodologies to help you create an effective paper.

However, an article critique paper can be a challenge to most people. If you have a job, it means you will lack time to handle your paper. On the other hand, inadequate research and writing skills will make you craft a poor, low-scoring critic article. This guide offers invaluable tips to help you learn how to critique a research article successfully.

What is an article critique?

There are different definition versions of an article critique, but it is an expansion of the summary in simple terms. We can also say it is an exclusive evaluation of a research article. An article critique analyzes both positive and negative contexts. The paper critique helps learners highlight their evaluation of a statement, text, or book.

In critique writing, you are expected to indicate if the author has enough argument to support their point of view. Although your writing style will make things flow, what is more, important is your ability to analyze. Moreover, your research skills will play a critical role in perfecting how to write a critique of an article.

What is the difference between article critique and summary?

A summary condenses the research article critique and informs the reader of the most important points and ideas. But to write a good summary, you must read the text carefully. After reading, you can chunk the primary ideas. Then, break the text into large blocks, starting with the introduction and the conclusion.

The main points form the basis of a summary. A good summary:

  • Should be short and precise
  • You paraphrase the original text and write in your own words
  • It conveys the author’s crucial message

A summary includes essential information like the title, main ideas and argument, author’s name, and supporting evidence. Avoid extended quotations and illustrations, and use an active voice like, “The author states that.”

When you agree or disagree with the main ideas, make a judgment or discuss opinions, you critique. Unlike a summary, you only convey straightforward and shortened facts in a text. You should learn how to write a critique paper on a research article without relying on unsubstantiated information or anecdotes. Critique allows you to share your opinions, judgments, and feelings as long as you back them up evidence.

How to critique an article- Steps to writing an article critique?

Apart from the usual challenges such as lack of time and trying to live a balanced life, writing an article critique is quite technical. It is not a surprise that many students find it challenging. Fortunately, you can quickly learn how to critique an article. To get you started:

Ensure you read the article thoroughly

There are no two ways to do this! First, you can only critique an article you have read. So, it is ideal to read the text thoroughly to get the message the author is trying to portray. By being thorough, we mean you read and re-read the article and analyze it. Then, as you read through, get to know the target audience, the argument the author wants to prove, and the text’s purpose.

Gather evidence

After reading the article carefully, you will form your judgment or opinion about the given article critique assignment. The next phase is to gather evidence to make your ideas, judgment, or opinions hold water. Finally, examine and compare the author’s rationality and argument with other literature.

Give your opinion

Cite the article results, but be careful of the steps you take towards the opinions. If you are unsure about it, seek help from experienced students. Alternatively, seek professional help to save yourself from general blunders.


The conclusion is the final step of an article critique. The last part shouldn’t be lengthy. Keep it short, sweet, and clear.

What is included in an article critique?

A critic paper follows the same structure as other academic assignments. A good piece should be segmented into four main parts. Your article critique must have an introduction, summary, critique, and conclusion.

How to format your article critique paper

Formatting your paper helps you tabulate your ideas systematically. As discussed before, an article critique format has four major parts. Let us explore how to do an article critique in detail.


The article critique example APA has an introductory paragraph, which should be captivating. Besides, it should contain the author’s name, the article’s title, main point, and a thesis statement. So keep your introduction precise and make it intriguing.


The summary should discuss the main points and ideas of the article. Then, convey the finding of the text and bring out the arguments presented. Remember, you should not give your opinion or judgment in the summary segment.


Now that you have chucked the main ideas and points, it is time to critique the article. Discuss the positive and negative contexts of the article. In addition, state informed judgment with relevancy, accuracy, and clarity. Be sure to give examples and support your statements with substantiated evidence.

How to critique a research article

Title of Research/Study

After succinctly reading the article, create a title that will stimulate the reader’s interest.


The introductory paragraph should contain:

  • Hypothesis
  • Evidence that is recent and relevant, critically valuing other works.
  • Detailed background information on the research article.
  • The rationale of research to justify its need.

Methods and Materials

Methods and materials should justify and contain the exact specification of any statistic or response rate used. Consider things like:

  • What sort of sampling size and strategy was used?
  • Was the technique case-controlled, double-blinded, or randomized?


Give your perspectives about the significance and meaning of the research findings. For example, use previous research work in which the new study can be interpreted. More so, evaluate whether the author has analyzed the study clearly or the results can be interpreted differently.

Conclusion and references

This is where you learn how to summarize and critique an article objectively. Be sure to conclude your assignment and recommendations for further research. In addition, use recent and relevant references.

How to critique a journal article

The journal critique example should contain the author’s name, article title, date, the title of a journal, volume number, and page numbers. In addition, there should also be a statement to the issue or problem discussed.

Upon reviewing the article, decide your position by creating a thesis statement. Next, find sources to support your argument and justify your thesis statement. More so, take a stand and prove your point in a persuasive, logical manner. Finally, be thorough with the sources to defend your thesis.

Article critique example

An article critique sample gives students a hint and simplifies the writing process. The illustrations offer help in formatting, structuring, and using the required styles. With the help of a research article critique example, you will save time and get better grades.

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