Changes in Sites of Care essay

Changes in Sites of Care essay

Post a description of a case from your personal or clinical experiences in the last five years that involves an elderly patient who had been in at least two different sites of care. Explain whether thepatient had advanced directive in place at the time ofthe time of the change in sites of care, if do, whether any difficult treatment decisions had a result. Finally, explain the I.pact of financial issues on site placement and treatment decisions. impact of differences in the settings themselves, inherent culture of the settings, and ethical practices of thses sites on the patient Changes in Sites of Care essay.


Transitional care encompasses an array of services and environments that facilitate timely and safe passage of patients from one care giver to the other. High quality transitional care is most appropriate for older patients who suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Changes in Sites of Care essay. It is normal to witness older people receiving care from more than one institution, due to regular movements. It is therefore important to ensure better transitions during the handover of patients by considering financial, ethical and environmental aspects (Anderson et al., 2014). This way, patients and their relatives are guaranteed of better outcomes.

Description of Case

Recently, I witnessed an old woman suffering from cancer and chronic lung bronchitis being moved for our institution to another health care facility. The patient was under rehabilitative care for the elders, where the nurses literally dressed, fed and bathed her. Since she was suffering from cancer, our radiotherapist administered chemotherapy as a way to control further defects on the normal body cells. She was prescribed painkillers, which reduced the pain she experienced after chemotherapy sessions. However, the family decided to move her to a normal palliative care institution since they could not afford services offered at our institution anymore Changes in Sites of Care essay.

Advanced instructions and its health and financial effects

The patient had prior instructions from her relatives about the transfer to another care. She knew that the destined facility did not offer chemotherapy and therefore, was convinced of the availability of another option at the institution. However, the facility was a step-down due to lack of chemotherapy machines, leading to deterioration of her condition (Starmer et al., 2014) Changes in Sites of Care essay. The treatment decision proved erroneous, leading to stress and discomfort on her relatives. Specifically, the patient was prescribed of expensive drugs, which bore a psychological effect on the relatives.

Impact of setting due to its organizational culture

Transitions of patients suffering from chronic ailments more often lead to serious errors during medication. Besides, institutions charge different fees in accordance to the type of care offered (Friedberg et al., 2015). Besides, different institutions offer different care services depending on their specialization and capability. However, cite placement may save the relative medical fees depending on the care services required at a particular time. Contrariwise, it may cost a lot of money due to errors during medication that may require corrective medicine.


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