How to write a character analysis essay-

A character analysis essay aims at helping you boost your analytical skills and make you a better thinker. The writing assignment requires the student to include elements like the conflicts and the role of the play. Use your critical skills to deduce the body size, ethnicity, and age of your character.

However, writing a character analysis essay can be a daunting task. The assignment can take much of your time to an extent you can lose your social life. But that should not be you. Here is a guide to help you write the best character analysis paper to ace your grades.

What is a character analysis essay?

A quick definition of character analysis essay is a form of academic writing that evaluates and analyzes the primary character in a legendary play. The central role of the lead is to ensure there is a continuation of the story. As a competent author, you will describe in detail various aspects related to the main character and their prominent role in a story.

What is the purpose of the character analysis essay?

The purpose of a good character analysis paper goes beyond selecting a title. Reading and understanding the role of the character is a skill that you cannot underrate. Think about your plot and the background information you must include in your essay.

Apart from explaining the situations in the story, you can go the extra mile and tell the audience why you have included some episodes. It will make your essay on characters more elaborate and comprehensive.

Types of Characters to Analyze


This is the star, the lead role, or the main character of the show. The main action centers around a protagonist, and this is what you should care about most. So, if you plan to craft a character analysis essay, flesh out a protagonist first. Some protagonist models include Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.


The antagonist battles and undermines the star- protagonist. Antagonists are usually portrayed as evil, and they lack heroic attributes. More so, they create tension and suspense in the story. Think of characters like Regina George or Maleficent.


In most cases, a deuteragonist will not be in the spotlight but lend a helping hand. However, they are usually close to protagonists to make the story quite thrilling.

Tertiary Characters

They are not crucial to the story and can appear once or twice in an episode. If you are fun of Harry Potter, you can realize Padma is a tertiary character.

Foil Character

This is almost similar to the antagonist, and their values and personality traits clash with the protagonist. As a result, you can pinpoint the attributes of the main character. For instance, an extrovert main character will pair with a highly introverted foil character.

How to analyse a character

When you are learning how to write a character analysis essay, choosing your character wisely will give your paper a good start. First, read the story carefully with the protagonist in mind. Then, go further and look at how the author depicts the character’s ability to handle complex situations in the story.

Think about how the main character intermingles with other subjects. This way, you can write a well-balanced essay. Gather all the major ideas and pay close attention to the motivations and outcome of the storyline.

How to write a character analysis essay?

Choosing the character for analysis is the first step of writing a character analysis essay. Then organize your work and pay keen attention to your subject. Consider factors like emotional intelligence, physique, personality traits, and language. Try to look at the main character as a real-life individual to help you understand their feelings, thoughts, and motive.

How do you start a character analysis essay?

How you start your character analysis essay will set the mood for the audience. You need to ensure it captures the reader’s attention. Your introduction can start with a quote that reflects the character’s nature. Alternatively, you can talk about the story and mention the author, genre, and name of the story.

Another style is introducing the character by stating their role and explaining whether the character is dynamic or static. The final part is creating a thesis statement. Here is an example:

“Johnson Flex consistently offers a helping hand, but his ego always pulls him down.”

This thesis statement depicts that Flex is helpful, but his egoistic trait is the cause of his downfall.

Make a character analysis outline

Creating a character analysis outline helps your ideas flow. After the introduction, you can describe the physical appearance of the character in the body. Ensure you discuss the background and the history as well. It can be about their birthplace, education level, or what the author says.

Remember textual evidence is paramount because it supports your thesis statement. As you wrap up your character analysis essay, make sure you don’t negate the meaning. This is the part where you can convince the audience and give them closure about the character.

How do you format a character analysis essay?

Ideally, you are required to format your assignments according to the college requirements. However, MLA and APA formats are the commonly used styles. This is because they have common formatting features, such as a 12 or 11 -point font size, double-spaced paper, and page numbers ate the right side of a header.

For MLA format, the author’s names should be written in the sentence, “As Flex says in the essay.” Alternatively, the author’s name can be mentioned at the end of a sentence, “Flex, K.K.”

On the other hand, APA format requires you to summarize the information, then mention the author’s name, “According to Flex (2000).”

Character analysis essay example

A character analysis essay example gives you a hint on what is expected of you. When you have a clue, your writing won’t sound lazy and uninspiring. Here are great examples of a character analysis.

Character analysis of Anders in Bullet in the Brain

“Anders stops over in a bank a few minutes before its closure. He queues behind two lading having an imprudent conversion, which makes him feel jaded. This is quite normal as he is a hot-tempered book critic.”

The Anders Analysis

Anders’s personality trait is exposed by disliking or undermining others. The stupidity conversation he hears angers him.

Character analysis of Arnold Friend in Joyce Carol Oates

“Arnold Friend, the antagonist character, always has sinister motives through his pretentious actions. He aims to kidnap, rape, and kill Connie. Throughout the story, Arnold is portrayed as a manipulative man with a deceptive appearance. As evil as he is, he uses Connie’s music enthusiasm to lure her to destruction.”

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