A compare and contrast essay is a combination of two types of writings. The comparison writing is where the writer discusses similar elements, and contrast writing discusses different elements. In a compare and contrast, you analyze both subjects given by your lecturer by either contrasting or comparing them, and sometimes, you have to do both. But for every student to write this perfectly, they must begin by learning how to write a compare and contrast essay. No one wakes up with the skills to do this; it takes practice and learning.

What is the purpose of a compare and contrast essay?

A compare and contrast paper is an essay written in a rhetorical style, where you discuss differences and similarities of subjects. You choose what to talk about in your essay depending on the subject. The purpose of compare contrast essay is to bring out subtle differences and unexpected similarities. For example, if you are to write a comparison and contrast essay about fruits, you cannot discuss two oranges. These two fruits are the same, so you should go for a topic like, ‘how apples and oranges are similar.’

Want to learn more about writing a compare and contrast essay?

If you want to learn how to write a compare and contrast essay, you should start by understanding its structure. This helps you organize your points using the correct comparing and contrasting essay format. Here are points that will help you know how to start a comparative essay and write to the end:

Start by brainstorming

When writing a comparing and contrasting essay, start by brainstorming before you start writing. The best way to do this is using a Venn diagram if you are a visual person. You create a set or two overlapping circles and let each be for one topic. One circle should include characteristics of your first subject and another for the second subject. The overlapping section should consist of the similarities between the two. To make it easy to differentiate them, make sure the subjects are parallel.

Come With a Thesis Statement

After brainstorming, you will have the differences and similarities. Now it’s time to write a thesis statement. As you write down the ideas and points to include in your essay, you understand the subjects. This information will help you develop a thesis statement and topic sentences. The thesis statement becomes the foundation on how to write a contrast essay that will give you a good grade.

Develop an outline

Developing a compare and contrast essay outline is an essential part of the prewriting process. This outline should follow the correct compare and contrast format: introductory paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. You cannot skip any of these parts as you write your paper. This is what differentiates a solid and focused essay from a meandering one.

Write the introductory paragraph

Most students are not sure how to start a compare and contrast essay and lose their direction from the first sentence. You can learn how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay by checking compare and contrast essay samples online. But, the best way to begin this type of academic paper is by writing a hook in the introduction. After hooking the reader, you can introduce the subjects you intend to analyze in your paper. Make sure you include the thesis statement in this part of your essay.

Write the first paragraph

Your first paragraph should start with a topic sentence explaining the comparison between your two or more subjects. For example, a compare and contrast essay about two cities on their tourism attractions should begin with a description of each city’s tourist areas. Then write about sentences to show how their tourism experience is similar and two others to show the differences.

Repeat the above step for other paragraphs

Compare and contrast essays take the subjects through comparison and contrasting points. You should plan to write at least three paragraphs in your in this paper. Each should have new points and a view of the subjects from a different angle. But, be sure to use transition words to link all the paragraphs and give the essay a smooth flow.

The conclusion

A conclusion says a lot about your compare and contrast paper. If you want to learn how to write a compare contrasting essay flawlessly, make sure you understand what should be in your conclusion section. At this point, you have proven to your reader that your thesis about the two subjects is correct. Summarize your points and connect them with the thesis and share your last insights without introducing new points. Introducing new information lowers the quality of a well-researched paper. Conclusions for compare and contrast essays mark a solid end for your paper.

Proofread the paper

You should not submit your compare and contrast essay without proofreading it. Give yourself time to rest and proofread it with a fresh mind. This helps you confirm that every subject gets enough space and every point is clear. Also, make sure the similarities and differences are well-explained and supported with sufficient evidence from credible sources. Check grammar and spelling mistakes. If you are still learning

Discovering Similarities and Differences

A Venn diagram or even a simple chart can help you compare and contrast quickly and easily. These are overlapping circles, and each ring should be for one item, the middle for similarities, especially when discussing two topics. This helps you decide what to focus on in your compare and contrast essay. It is especially essential for students wondering, ‘how do you compare and contrast?’

Try to think about what your teacher may be looking for in the essay topic. What you research on should match with the assigned essays compare and contrast project. It must also fit with assignments in your course. In short, ask yourself some questions, including, ‘Who? Why? Who? How? When? How? Consider properties like weight, smell, duration, location, color, shape, size, sound, duration, and number if your essay is about objects.

Organizing your paper

The right comparing and contrasting essay format should help you organize your work in the best way possible. Here are two ways that you may choose to use:


In this method, you start by discussing the first subject. Then, you discuss it thoroughly before moving to the next one. If they are more than one subject, move to the next until you are done. If the essay is short, you can put all points for each subject in a single paragraph.

The drawback of using this method is that you end different listing numbers of points for each subject. This is too short to go deep into the subject. Lecturers want to see students’ ability to write a compare and contrast essay, not just listing traits. Such a compare and contrast essay leaves the reader to reflect on why and how those traits matter.

A student looking forward to learning how to write compare and contrast essay should know that this organization is logical in lens comparison. For example, when asked to compare a poem that you studied in class with another that you have to read alone, you can briefly summarize the main ideas. But then discuss in your paper how the points are similar to and different from your ideas.

Point By Point

In this contrast and compare organization, the writer addresses more than one thing. Depending on how much information you have to discuss, you can choose the compare and contrast structure. For example, if you have a few points, you can discuss a comparison point in one paragraph and show how it relates to the other things you are discussing. While there is the recommended compare and contrast essay format, there are no hard rules on organizing your paper. Just make sure your reader understands the content in your essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compare and contrast essay examples?

An example of a compare and contrast is where a writer compares and contrasts two subjects. For example, you cannot compare two oranges; you can only compare oranges and apples as they are different fruits.

What is an example of compare and contrast?

Comparing is showing similarities between two subjects while contrasting is bringing out differences between two things. For example, you cannot compare food and a vehicle, but you can compare home-cooked food and restaurant food.

How do you write a compare and contrast essay point by point?

You start by introducing the main topic and then introduce two particular topics and make sure you end up with your thesis in your conclusion addressing all points covered in the essay.

What is a good introduction for a compare and contrast essay?

In the introduction part of a comparison/contrast essay, you should outline your subject briefly. Provide a brief overview, but start with a humorous line or a story to hook the reader.

Writing a compare and contrast essay should not be too hard. But, if it’s your first time writing this type of paper, take your time to learn how to write a comparison essay. It is an interesting essay, and when written properly, you will impress your audience. Besides you can get help from our essay writing service experts. Just ask our support, please write my essay now.

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