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Florida has always been a mekka for vacation and leisure activity. It is a diverse city that has a large multicultural and very fast pace living. According to the Florida Health ranking and roadmap, Florida’s STD rankings are getting worse every year. According to the ranking Florida’s rank hast skyrocketed from 2007 being 214% in Miami-Dade alone and is now skyrocketed to 410% in 2014. This statistic is very alarming and indicated our sexual reproduction system needs attention if we want to decrease the amount of people with STDs (County Health Rankings, 2014)

In Miami Dade county the amount of uninsured has improved and has decreased from 31% in 2007 to 26 in 2014. This indicated that more of the population has access to primary care. As providers we are responsible for educating our patients each visit. I believe that sexual health screening should be part of each visit and a topic of conversation. The statistics do indicate that there is no education and no discussion going on about sexual health and practices. The promotion of safe sex ie: use of condoms and birth control should be a topic and sexual health screening should be done annually for those at risk and sexually active. The health policy that should be enforced is the screening of STD and sexually transmittable diseases. This is crucial in the stop of spread of STDs (Mahajan, Stemple, Shapiro., King, Cunningham, 2009).


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According to general statistics in Dade, county health sector stills needs a lot of improvements. Lifestyle diseases specifically disease related to physical exercise and weight is still causing a crisis in the health department. Obesity and overweight in adults according to the statistics have taken a different dimension. An indicator of one having obesity in adults concluded when one has a BMI of 30 or more. However, lifestyle diseases have an antidote if precautions of physical fitness taken into account.

Dade County has shown commitment to fighting obesity which is the leading cause of death in the county. Through funding campaigns that were spearheaded 2010 by Disease Control and Prevention has realized some improvement, this happens after the rate of overweight, and obese adults hit 67.4%, 13% high school students. The overwhelming number of those affected about 25% of the adult population did not report any signs of physical exercises over the last 30days. Conversely, around 22% of adults did not accomplish the county federal government regulations for vegetable and fruit consumption. Resources available at hand to address this challenge were inclusive of revisiting childcare programs, implementation of sporting activities, installation of bicycle racks all over the country to encourage bicycle cycling and the application of sound applications of nutrition.

One of my recommendations solving this health crisis would be the implementation of healthy eating by limiting the fast food consumption and consistent physical exercise, and it would help in cutting weight. It is worth mentioning that facilitating this process would demand to educate the public on the advantages of pursuing such activities.


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