Ethical Nursing Leadership Essay

Ethical Nursing Leadership Essay

Complete the assigned readings and the “Ethical Leadership Style Questionnaire” (Northouse, Chapter 12). I will upload my questionere.
i need 3 references—Northouse questionere can be used as one reference (I will edit the reference in) I only need 2 additional—

In an initial post of 450–500 words, respond to the following:

Based on your responses to the questionnaire,

1)what are your core values?

2)In planning for your future role as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, how will your values influence what you do?


Ethical Nursing Leadership


Institution Affiliation




Ethical Nursing Leadership

Core values

My core values are not only built on the delivery of care. My fundamental values also stand on a strong foundation of ethical behavior, a platform that is driven by value that looks beyond the patient’s race and religion. I also ensure that I have an economic standing that ensures the patients can get unbiased and optimal care. Beyond my call to respect the patient, my nursing values and beliefs’ concept comprise various components that enhances my working. Ethical Nursing Leadership Essay. Additionally, my core values involve doing what is right to the patients. Doing what is right means following a set of moral rules and regulations and engaging in activities that the profession expects of me when faced with an ethical dilemma (Addressing Ethics in Leadership, nd). I focus on fulfilling my moral obligations. Additionally, my core values encourages right-doing. For instance, I ensure I deliver empathy for the patient as they try to cope with their condition to demonstrate I care. My integrity helps me remain respectful of the dignity of the patient regardless of the issue or sickness. Besides, my diversity knowledge ensures that I honor the individuality of the patient regardless of their race, values or religion. Lastly, I believe in the value of excellence by working towards providing the most optimal care in all circumstances.

How my values influence what I do in planning for my future role as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

I possess more knowledge and I am also aware of the professional values as standards that offer high-quality and safe ethical care. My perspective on professional values will affect patient care and decision making. My values also greatly impact my actions and ethical decision making. This is because I usually care for patients whose value at times conflict with mine. Thus, my values will enhance my enduring attitude towards the patients.

My values have also helped in increasing my self-awareness, exploration of feelings and clarification of beliefs and values, which are crucial compassionate characteristics for effective nursing care in mental health. I am aware that these values are essential since I desire to have a therapeutic impact on patient care. Poorchngizi (2017) asserts that it is important that nurses possess the awareness and knowledge regarding professional values as standards that offer high-quality and safe care. My perspective on professional values will affect decision-making and mental health care of patients. Ethical Nursing Leadership Essay

Therefore, my personality and communication skills are vital elements of a mental health nurse (Townsend % Morgan, 2017). I am aware that I need good mental health knowledge and how to implement it in practice. Consequently, this will help in being empathetic to the patients and their mental health, which may include mental health social stigma that can be equally hard to overcome. I also believe that incorporating these values into my current nursing practice would enhance the mental health nursing care quality for individuals that experience grave and constant mental illness.


Addressing Ethics in Leadership. (nd). Sample Items from the Ethical leadership Style Questionnaire

Poorchangizi, B., Farokhzadian, J., Abbaszadeh, A., Mirzaee, M., & Borhani, F. (2017). The importance of professional values from clinical nurses’ perspective in hospitals of a medical university in Iran. BMC medical Ethics18(1), 20.

Townsend, M. C., & Morgan, K. I. (2017). Psychiatric mental health nursing: Concepts of care in evidence-based practice. FA Davis. Ethical Nursing Leadership Essay

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