Florence Nightingale Environmental Theory of Nursing Essay

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Florence Nightingale “the lady with the lamp” the founder of the environmental theory. The Environmental theory focuses on taking care of the patient’s environment such as “fresh air, pure water, sufficient food supplies, efficient drainage, cleanliness of the patient, environment and light (particularly direct sunlight)” Nursing Theory. (2016). Florence Nightingale believes that having a clean environment will prevent illness and promote health to patients’. As of today, Florence Nightingale environmental theory continues to guide nurses, physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioner and other health care team members. Florence Nightingale environmental theory and my principles of nursing, are the foundation of my personal beliefs and the essence of nursing.


As an advanced registered nurse practitioner, I will incorporate Florence Nightingale theory my goal is to emphasis on compassion, caring, dignity and respect toward my patients’. While collaborating with other members of the health care team, I will implement the environmental theory to achieve optimum results for the patient. As an advanced registered nurse practitioner, I will advocate for each patient needs, clean environment, respect and dignity.

The role of the nurse is to assist the patients’, sick or well, contributing to health, recovery, or to peaceful death. I prefer to take a holistic and environmental approach to nursing because it allows me allows me to understand the values, concerns, emotions, spiritual, and mental well-being of a patient.

The environment is the combination of what the patient experiences in their community and in the health care facility. For example, in the patient’s community, does the patient have access to clean water and a warm home? Is the patient exposed to environment hazards at home or at work?  In the health care facility, is the patient’s room comfortable (room temperature adjusted for patient comfort, bed adjusted for safety, clean bedding, etc.).

My nursing theory is composed of a set of values that I have obtained from lectures, interactions with patients, family members, and healthcare professionals. My personal theory reveals the evolution I have made from the role of a registered nurse to the role of an advanced registered nurse practitioner.  Using the tools provided by Florence Nightingale nursing theory, I examine the patient’s health and environment. I use education to enhance my tools through consideration of my nursing theory. Florence Nightingale Environmental Theory of Nursing Essay.

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