Florida State APRN Scope of Practice

Florida State APRN Scope of Practice

This week’s content-addressed professional and legal issues, state boards of nursing, advanced practice licensure, regulations, scope of practice, and national certification as an advanced practice nurse. It is your responsibility to look at your individual board of nursing and remain up to date with the changes that are carried out in your state.

For this week’s discussion review your state’s scope of practice and address 3 areas that you were not aware you can do as a licensed provider in your state. ***FLORIDA***

Florida Scope of Practice Policy – State Profile

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Florida State Scope of Practice

Nurses’ scope of practice in Florida State is regulated by the state Board of Nursing that hold nurses to a minimum standard to ensure that they deliver competent and safe care within different settings. Florida State APRN Scope of Practice. These regulatory responsibilities revolve around ensuring that individual nurses are qualified to practice within the state in several vital ways that include rehabilitates, monitors, educates, disciplines and licenses (Toney-Butler & Martin, 2019). A review of the state scope of practice identifies the specific duties that advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) are authorized to perform. In fact, they are authorized to perform a range of duties with three of these duties discussed as identified and approved by the joint committee appointed by the Board of Nursing. Firstly, they are authorized to perform diagnostic services in response to potential or actual health issues. Diagnosis has traditionally been the domain physicians, but APRN are authorized to perform this function. Secondly, they are authorized to plan for therapeutic interventions, disease prevention and health promotion in collaboration with other health stakeholders. Thirdly, they are authorized to implement therapeutic interventions based on nursing practice specialty (expertise) as indicated in the certification. This includes, but is not limited to, delegating responsibilities to unlicensed assistive personnel, collaborating with other medical personnel, teaching, counseling and direct nursing care. Finally, they are authorized to coordinate health care where appropriate and necessary, and evaluate the patient for the care effectiveness Florida State APRN Scope of Practice. The identified duties are unique to APRN and not performed by other nurse personnel. This is in recognition of the fact that APRN have advanced education, experience, skills and knowledge that uniquely positions them to competently and safely complete the duties (ATrain Education, 2019). Still, it is important to note that nurses file a petition for declaratory statement pursuant to section 120.565 of Florida Statutes when seeking to add new duties to a license (Florida Health, 2019).


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