Global Warming: A Major Concern

Global Warming: A Major Concern

According to World Health Organization  (WHO), global warming is the primary issues for concern. Noise  pollution, overcrowding, traffic jams are some factors that have led to  this problem. Lack of privacy is another factor in the modern times that  is impacting people in ways that haven’t been examined yet. We also see  a wide variance in weather patterns, such as severe hurricanes and  drought conditions in the U.S.

Source: World Health Organization (WHO). (n.d.). Climate change. Retrieved from

Based on your understanding of the topic, create a report in a Microsoft Word document answering the following questions:

  • Examine one weather  condition over the past two years in the U.S. which drastically affected  the population. How can the community better prepare their families for  such severe conditions?
  • Do you agree with the  statement that countries should be held accountable for their  contribution to climate change? Why or why not?
  • List some of the issues that might occur as the  world’s population increases? Factor in water, food, and hazardous waste  into your comments. Suggest ideas to address or avoid these issues.

According to the CDC website, violence is  attributed for approximately fifty thousand deaths each year and results  in over 2.5 million injuries. Homicide and suicide are the second and  third leading causes of death, respectively, among US population aged  fifteen to thirty four years.

Hospital emergency departments treat an  average of fifty five people for injuries every minute. The worst after  effect of the sudden population explosion across the globe is the rise  in violence.

  • How have violent injuries affected a community? What steps have communities taken to decrease overall violent crimes?
  • What steps can the  federal or state governments take to help support communities affected  from random or consistent violent acts?
  • What can parents do in  their homes to help educate children about risks and preventative  accidents to help keep them safe? What role should parents take to  reduce family violence?
  • How can health promotion and wellness programs play a significant role to reduce individual or gang violence?
  • How can schools and  work environments increase safety measures against violent individuals  or gangs entering their establishments?
  • What roles should parents, neighbors, friends,  health care personnel, and the community take when they observe someone  who may exhibit unusual behavior or comments to help prevent potential  violence? What agencies or resources are available to help communities  cope and help their members seek help or assistance?

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