Gospel Essentials Essay example paper

Gospel Essentials Essay example paper

Gospel Essentials

The Christian worldview involves moral truths, the origin of the universe, what happens after death, salvation, and of course, God and Jesus Christ. God’s existence is one of the biggest controversies today with many people on both sides of the argument. In the following paragraphs, we will expand our knowledge on the Christian worldview and look at the main points of Christianity, such as God, humanity, Jesus, and the restoration of society. Gospel Essentials Essay example paper.



The Bible says that Jesus was born as a human and was sacrificed by His Father to forgive everybody for their sins. For Him to sacrifice everything shows his divine love for all of His children. I believe that God is trustworthy, loving, and merciful. These characteristics are important to Christians because to be a Christian, it means that you have changed on the inside by the presence of God. Scripture states, “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved” (Romans 10:9-10).  Christ lives through you, so you should want to possess these attributes as well. If He died on the cross for you, then it would only make sense that you would try to meet the same characteristics as He did. God has created the Heavens and the earth, sea and land, space and creatures, and lastly, human beings (Genesis 1). He started with Adam and Eve, made in God’s image, to tend to the Garden of Eden, but after the fall of humanity, we have now become sinners.


             It is human nature to be sinful, but in the Christian worldview, we are created in God’s image as well. Human beings are selfish by nature, but it is up to us to put other people before ourselves. Humans were supposed to live without sin until Satan tempted Adam and Eve and they fell into his trap to go against God’s word. Gospel Essentials Essay example paper. I think that evil comes from temptation, mostly.  There will always be a drive for people to do the things that are not good for them or others, but we must think about the consequences. God still forgave Adam and Eve for what they had done, even though they had basically opened the door to sin.

I believe that everything has a purpose to me, but it may serve a different purpose for somebody else. I think that it is about perspective. Even Christians will not know what exactly the purpose is for everything, so they must trust in God and know that He has a unique path and purpose for everyone. Looking at the world through a Christian perspective, our purpose is to serve God.


Jesus is fully God and fully man (Lecture 4). Jesus is God incarnate not just as a man but as a Jew, raised by God after his death (Riches, 2010). God sacrificed His only son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that His children could go to Heaven. Jesus lived a sinless life and told stories of the word of God to many people to help them. After He died on the cross, He was resurrected on the third day, which is significant to the Christian worldview because it shows that this faith is not blind and that God really did create human beings in His image.


In the Christian worldview, God is the answer to human problems and overcoming human nature. When you accept God, you are putting your faith in His hands and reassuring yourself that He has a plan for you. Having solid faith in Him will only strengthen your bond with him and His grace is what will allow you to be granted into Heaven. He does not have to forgive the sinners of the world, but because He has grace and loves all of His children unconditionally. When you have desire, discipline, and a relationship with God, then that is when you are truly able to see a transformation of yourself. Christians can impact society when they spread the word of God. Gospel Essentials Essay example paper.


Romans 3:23 states, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (KJV). While this is true, God promises a path of forgiveness for everyone. He is the only true reliable friend that will always care for us and love us unconditionally. God gives Christians guidance for a purpose in their lives, as well as strength and reassurance that everything is in His hands. This changes people’s lives for the better and influences their way of thinking because you put God above everything else. You worship Him over anything else (money, family, yourself, etc.). The Bible gives Christians an end goal: Heaven. Heaven is what Christians look forward to so that they can be with God, forgiven for their sins. Gospel Essentials Essay example paper. What confuses me about Christianity is that there are so many different denominations. Why? Interpretations of the Bible. That is what divides those who believe in God. Some think abortion is murder and some think that it is a human right, some think that same-sex marriage is acceptable and some think that it is a sin, some think that women should not be in a leadership position and some disagree. There are a lot of gray areas that I find confusing, but it is all based on how a specific group interprets the text Gospel Essentials Essay example paper.


            Christianity is the belief of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost based on the teachings of Jesus, as written in the Bible. However, I am Agnostic, so since I cannot prove or disprove any of the claims made in the Bible (Cosby, 1938), I choose not to associate with a religion at all. I prove things scientifically, whereas Christians use their faith (and some say facts) to support their decisions. Similarly, I do wish to make a difference in the world and be of service, just in different ways. I would rather serve my community or country over one God that I am unsure of. Maybe that will change one day, but I do not want to put blind faith (at least blind faith for me into somebody that I am unsure of. Gospel Essentials Essay example paper. I have tried to go to church and learn the word of God, but I simply cannot seem to get it through my head. I do think that there is a higher purpose for us all, but I cannot really know what that is yet. Also, in the case of our origins, we know that the universe started off as this little speck of matter, but what caused that speck to transform into the world as we know it now is the real question. We might not ever really know the absolute truth, and everybody has their own theories, but I think that everybody can agree that there had to be a catalyst (scientific or religious) to spark the change in our universe. However, Christians believe that God created the Heavens and Earth, but Atheists believe in a scientific “Big Bang” as their reasoning to how our universe came about Gospel Essentials Essay example paper. I question Christianity a lot, but I cannot deny that it is a paramount part of the world. It has introduced specific morals into our society and has truly made some people genuinely better and happier. Gospel Essentials Essay example paper.


            God created humanity in His image and wished for them to rule over the earth and live sinless lives. The first humans had other ideas though. After Adam and Eve opened the door to sin, the rest of us had to deal with the consequences. Since then, everybody has had it in their nature to be a sinner. God sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, to repair what had been done so that His children could go to Heaven. When one accepts God into their heart and repents for their sins, then they can be granted the gift of eternal life with God in Heaven v.


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