Grand Rounds Assignment

Grand Rounds Assignment

As a major project in this course, you will deliver a Grand Rounds presentation.

The health care topic for this presentation will be decided by your course faculty based on the results of the APEA Pre-Predictor Exam in Week 1. Your presentation will consist of a patient scenario that you experienced in your clinical setting. The format of your presentation can be Microsoft PowerPoint. APA format is also expected, and references should be cited. Include references at the bottom of the slides and a final reference list on the last slide.

Your goal is to:


Provide a case study to go with the diagnosis.

Utilize research articles or other materials to support your findings.

Identify any practice barriers, issues, or problems (including cultural diversity and healthcare literacy).

Discuss best practices for optimal outcomes.

In addition to submitting your presentation, you will also be expected to lead a discussion throughout the week. You will want to keep the presentation interesting, professional, and focused to the topic.

When the week is over, you will update, revise, and complete your presentation on the basis of student comments and instructor feedback.

In Week 1, the instructor will divide the class into groups and assign you a week in which you will be expected to present your case. Some of you will present in Week 4, some will present in Week 7, and the remainder will present in Week 9. Grand Rounds Assignment.

Those who are not presenting in a given week are responsible for participating in at least two presentations.

For additional details, please see the Grand Rounds assignment page in the week in which you are assigned to present.

Submission Details:

Name your document SU_NSG6440_W7_A1_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

Submit by Saturday. Grand Rounds Assignment.

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