Health challenges

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Alachua County experiences similar health challenges like those experienced in other parts of Florida. In Alachua County, many individuals experience poor health outcomes which are evident from the high rates of chronic disease patterns, hospitalization rates and patterns of unhealthy behaviors compelling those who seek to improve health result to interventions at the structural, policy and community level. This includes a shift towards healthier lifestyles that include quality nutrition, daily physical activity, and social support and reduced substance abuse.

Some of the health resources in Alachua are community based clinics, hospitals and even schools which bring down healthcare to the disadvantaged and people with disabilities. There are also organizations, agencies and individuals that understand the impact of social determinants of health and seek opportunities to partner so as to improve the health of the community. The main health problems are due to the socio-economic needs which could be due to unhealthy diet or due to bad social behaviors. Thus the main health policy socioeconomic disparities in health: pathways and policies and policy options on reducing inequalities in health.

Excessive alcohol use and smoking are some of the unhealthy issues that need to be addressed. Alachua community can adopt to community based programs and policies that uphold healthy living. The agenda of the health policies should be so as to reduce costly preventable health conditions, reduce health disparities and an increase in healthy behavior like productive leisure. Population based policies can also be implemented in health care delivery system by adopting insurance coverage for all in the county.


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