Health Gap Essay

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Health gap between is the biggest controversial problem in country’s health sector. The number of premature mortality rate is seemingly different from one state to another due to the unbalanced kind of health opportunities.

California Health State Problem

California State population is considered to be approximately 38 million, but an alarming factor is the high number of people who have diabetes, adult obesity, adult smoking and hypertension rate. The age of rate of California is considerably an aging population where it is estimated that about 25% of the population in California will be above 65 years old in the year 2060. This will also increasingly increase the number of chronic diseases to the extent of country crises(Mudrick, Breslin, Liang & Yee, 2012).

The health indicators in California show that; adult obesity has increased with 3.1%, diabetes rate has also increased with3.3 %, and hypertension has also increased with 4.5% rate. The State health has increasingly got worse with reporting of new cases of blood pressure, obese and diabetic reported in hospitals daily. The rate of growth of this chronic diseases and the aging factor will cause a major a health problem that can cause a national medical crisis (Mudrick et al., 2012).

What are health resources currently available to address the problem?

The reforms carried out in the State are the insurance designs, wellness incentive programs, provider organization structure, and provider payment method. The programs are initiated to curb the financial crisis of the problem and also to boost the healthcare programs in curbing the gap in the California state (Williams, Goodwin, Baillargeon, Ahalt & Walter, 2012).

What health policy might you suggest to improve the ranking in that area?

The transparency of California health sector should amend by implementing “all-payer claims database.” The State will be able to monitor private and public health programs and plan in the state.  The policy will increase the efficiency of healthcare through the broader information spread into the healthcare market thus increasing efficiency through improving payment models.


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