Healthy people 2020 goals essay

Public Healthcare Services

Create a presentation of 10- to 12-slides in Microsoft PowerPoint that addresses any one of the following topics of Healthy People 2020. Explain how it benefits the individual and the community.

Please select any one topic from the given list:

  • Access to health services
  • Educational and community based programs
  • Environmental health
  • Maternal, infant and child health
  • Mental health and mental disorders
  • Older adults

Note: The title slide and reference slide will be in addition to the twelve slides required.

You are asked to deliver a twenty minute  keynote address to an audience consisting of health care, managed care,  and government health professionals. You will focus on one topic of the Healthy People 2020  and address the interests of each audience members. Include the actual  speech in the speaker notes below the actual slides of the above  presentation.

Also, address the following in your presentation:

  • Provide the outlook of the chosen subject and how the health will be affected if requirements are not met by 2020.
  • What current public and  private agencies provide assistance to the consumer to help them make  health changes to meet the requirements of the chosen subject’s  objectives?
  • What current issues are perceived or real barriers to attain the objectives of 2020?
  • What roles do health  care professionals from all areas (healthcare, managed care, and  government) need to provide to the consumer to help reach specific  objectives in 2020?
  • What role does public health contribute to meeting one or two objectives?
  • What specific health  promotion or wellness program will you suggest to help reach the 2020  objectives? If no programs are available, what type of program will you  develop?
  • How can communities help reduce issues and risks so objectives can be achieved?
  • What types of financial  support is needed by organizations to make the objectives attainable?  Who should support the program financially and if the government is  involved, what other program should be cut to be able to meet the needs  of this program?
  • What health risks will continue to develop if the objectives are not achieved by 2020?
  • How will technology  advancement help track data, provide resources for individuals, or  monitor progress to stay on task for successful implementation?
  • What disparities for  minorities are apparent to impede progress and not achieve the  objectives? Does socioeconomic status factor in to a successful result?
  • Conclusion slide: Summarize findings and prediction if the objective(s) are on track to meet the 2020 timeline.

Note: Please add additional  content in the Notes section. Provide title slide and reference slide  (reference slide should include three scholarly references) in the  presentation.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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