How to Create Evidenced-Based, Culturally Appropriate Interventions

Access and appraise culturally-sensitive, research-based interventions to prevent, improve, and bring comfort to your population group. Community health nurses are critical thinkers informed of all important research finding. Critical-thinking is key. Please read about evidenced-based research in your textbook. Please respond the following: In week 3 and 4, you identified strategies/interventions related to a population group’s heath problem, and categorized them according to the levels and prevention and intervention. Describe whether those interventions are ” evidenced based.” Why or why not? Share at least two strategies/prevention related to your population and it’s health problem that you feel confident are evidenced-based. Why do you think that? Think in terms of research outcomes. Identify one evidenced-based behavior change technique to promote or manage illness among your population group.

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