How to prepare a Managed Care Program

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that reviews a managed care program centered on disease management. Prepare 15-20 slides (excluding title and reference slides) documenting the major points of this program. Include detailed speaker notes with your presentation beneath each slide. The project must include these components: Title Slide with the following: Title of the managed care program Student’s name Course title/number Instructor’s name Date submitted Introduction/Thesis Statement introducing your managed care program based on disease management. The role of preventing disease Patient incentives Physician incentives Case management Facilities Quality of care Prescription benefits The future of data use and informatics Conclusion which includes a restatement of the opening thesis statement and summary of the managed care program discussed. Reference Slide (include a minimum of four scholarly and/ or peer reviewed sources cited according to APA guidelines) Your PowerPoint presentation slides should: Be sequenced and organized clearly. Have a clear, logical progression of ideas. Utilize bullet points or short sentences, if necessary, not dense paragraphs. Have relevant visuals, such as graphs, tables, data summaries, sound and/or animation which enhance the understanding of concepts, ideas, and relationships. Have a consistent theme, format, and font which augment the readability. In addition to the presentation, please submit a Word document containing the same information as the title slide. This document will be used for your instructor to provide you with feedback regarding your work.

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