Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples

Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples

Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples

Watson’s theory of human caring

Nursing has drastically changed over the last one hundred years. It has grown because nurses care about the health and well-being of their patients. Throughout history, nurses have made an impact on the care that patients have received. Caring is the root of nursing. Jean Watson created a nursing theory to guide nursing in their caring for patients. Nursing is not just a set of skills, and caring is the basic component of nursing.


Watson created the theory of human caring to guide nursing in caring for human beings. “Watson’s theory of human caring focuses on the human component of caring and the moment-to-moment encounters between the one who is caring and the one who is being cared for, especially the caring activities performed by nurses as they interact with others” (Fawcett, 2002). Caring has been the basis of nursing for generations. However, not everyone learns to care truly. Watson’s theory was created to guide nurses to developing a caring attitude. Watson’s theory places high regard on life and dignity. Nursing allows for growth and development of a person. Who a person is and who the person will become Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples. Watson’s theory creates a holistic approach to nursing care and “promotes health better than a simple cure” (Nursing Theory, 2013). The three major elements of Watson’s theory are carative factors, transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring moment (Lukose, 2011).

The carative factors are concepts that satisfy human needs. According to Nursing Theory (2013) ”Watson’s 10 carative factors are: forming humanistic-altruistic value systems, instilling faith-hope, cultivating a sensitivity to self and others, developing a helping-trust relationship, promoting an expression of feelings, using problem-solving for decision-making, promoting teaching-learning, promoting a supportive environment, assisting with gratification of human needs, and allowing for existential-phenomenological forces” (para. 9). The first three of these caritas are the basis for Watson’s theory. The other seven are created from the first three. These caritas allow the nurse to treat the patient as a whole and to explore his or herself in the process. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples These guidelines allow nurses to first meet the basic needs of the patient, then to meet more advanced needs. This allows the nurse to incorporate all aspect of life into caring for the patient.

Transpersonal caring occurs when the nurse sees the patient not as an object but as a human being. The nurse feels and shows concern for the patient. Both the nurse and the patient search for meaning for the illness and situation at hand. “The goal of transpersonal caring relationship corresponds to protecting, enhancing, and preserving the person’s dignity, humanity, wholeness, and inner harmony” (Cara, 2003) Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.

According to Watson Caring Science Institute and International Caritas Consortium (2014), “A caring occasion occurs whenever the nurse and another come together with their unique life histories and phenomenal fields in a human-to-human transaction” (para. 13). The nurse is open to the needs of the patient’s feelings, thoughts, goals, environment, and beliefs. The nurse sees that patient not as an object or a set of tasks that need to be completed. The nurse sees the patient as a human being who needs healing physically, mentally, and spiritually. The nurse and patient connect creating a moment that will affect the universe. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.

My personal caring moment occurred recently. I am a nurse employed in a long-term acute care hospital. I take care of patients who continue to need specialized care and do not meet the requirements to stay in an acute care hospital, but require more than a nursing home or home care can provide. I recently took care of a patient who came to use with severe ischial and coccyx wounds. This patient had been a through much in her short life. She was in a motor vehicle accident ten years ago, suffering a pelvic crushing injury. The patient later had bilateral amputations to both legs at the hip. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples She has suffered from anxiety and depression since the accident. She has remained physically healthy since the recovery from her amputations. This is the first time she has developed a wound. She had been treating the wound at home until sepsis set in, and she had to be taken to the local emergency room. The patient had had a change in level of consciousness at that time. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.

I entered the room to provide my morning care of assessing the patient, collecting vital signs, and administering medications. Upon entering the roo I noticed that the patient seemed withdrawn. She was looking down at her blankets, clutching them tightly in her hands, and would not make eye contact. She had few personal items about her, and the television was off. She did not speak unless spoken to. I asked her how her first night went and if she was having any pain. She gave short answers and did not make eye contact. I explained what I was there to do and asked if she needed anything before I started with my exam. She began to cry. I held her hand and asked what I could do. She stated she was scared and didn’t know if she would ever be able to go back home. I continued to hold her hand as she cried. I asked her why she felt she would not be able to go back home, and she explained how she had never had a wound like this and didn’t know how she would care for herself. She was concerned that she would not get a motorized wheelchair that she had ordered because she wasn’t home for them to deliver it. I explained that I was there to help her to get better and stronger. I also told her that I would talk to her case manager personally to see what we could do about her wheelchair. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples. She seemed more at ease after our discussion. I explained what each of her medications were for and asked if she needed anything for pain. I changed her dressings and explained each step I was taking to do it properly. I then left the room and immediately called her case manager to discuss the wheelchair situation. I discussed the plan of care for her with her physician so that I could reinforce the information with my patient.

A short while later, I returned to my patients room with the information that I learned. She was impressed that I went through “all that trouble for her.” I stated that that was what I was here for, to care for her. I explained that I talked to her case manager, and she gave me a number to the wheelchair company and I called them personally to make arrangements for its delivery. I also explained in depth the plan the physician had for her and her care. I explained to her that she was only with us for a few weeks for antibiotics to combat the infection and to assist her in caring for her wounds. After I had given her the information, her face lit up, and she began to cry again. This time the tears were for happiness. She said that no one else would explain what was going on and that I went above and beyond her expectations. I told her I saw that she was hurting and scared, and I tried to do what I could to ease her mind. After that day, she requested me as her nurse.  She did not want anyone else to care for her. It touched my heart that I could do so much for her and that she wanted me to continue to provide care for her. I felt at that moment that we reached a caring moment. We both set in motion a moment that had touched both of us and will continue to have an impact on our lives.

I learned that I do care deeply for my patients. I want to see them succeed and be at peace. I learned that by going the extra mile for a patient can bring comfort to them. I learned that simple things such as talking and holding a patient’s hand can make them feel important and loved. Humans are not uncaring people. They are not made of stone. They laugh, hurt, cry, and love. That is what make us the same. Hospitals are such sterile worlds that humanity is often lost. If I can bring even an ounce of that into my work, it can make a world of difference.

I feel that my patient perceived my care in a positive way. She requested that I remained her nurse. She felt at ease talking with me about her fears and expectations. She trusted me to care for her and meet her needs. She trusted me enough to discuss aspects of her life. We discussed her depression and hardships she has had to face over the years. I developed an understanding of the life experiences that have made her who she is today. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.

I am not sure what I could have done to enhance the caring moment. I wish that I could have spent more time with her. She is an amazing person who has overcome so much in her short life. It was an honor to know and care for her.

I used Watson’s human caring theory to create a caring moment. I treated my patient as a person who deserved to be valued and loved. I held her hand and listened to what she felt was important. I showed empathy and compassion. I attended not only to her health needs but the needs that put her mind at ease. I created an environment of trust and compassion. I treated the patient as a whole. I cared for her body by administering proper medication and attending to her wounds.Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples. I cared for her mind by discussing with her depression and easing her mind of worrying factors. I cared for her spirit by showing her that I cared and that she was valued.

The carative factors that were utilized in this caring moment are: forming humanistic-altruistic value systems, instilling faith-hope, cultivating a sensitivity to self and others, developing a helping-trust relationship, and promoting an expression of feelings (Nursing Theory, 2013). I feel that I did meet other requirements of carative factors, however, these standout to me. In forming a humanistic-altruistic value system, I regarded my patient’s needs. I did not look at the simple numbers like her vital signs but looked at the person. I saw that she was withdrawn and scared. I saw that she needed someone to see her not just another body in a room. She is a human being with thoughts and feelings of her own. I instilled faith-hope in my patient by going above and beyond nursing skills. I listened to issues that were bothering her and did my best to find information for her. I relayed this information that gave her hope that all would be well. I cultivated a sensitivity to my patient’s needs and perceptions that were important to her. I held her hand as she cried. I listened to her fears and desires, without making judgment. I shared in her stories and life experiences. I developed a helping-trust relationship. My patient requested my care. She trusted that I could provide the care that she needed. My patient trusted me enough to allow me into her life and to share her thoughts and feelings. I developed this by listening and acting on what I perceived as important to her. My patient saw my effort and love. I created an environment where she could express herself.

Watson’s theory of human caring guides nursing to care not only for the physical aspect of patient maladies but to care for the person as a whole. Using Watson’s theory allows nurses to take nursing to another level and truly connecting with the patient instead of seeing the patient as an object. Caring and love have been the foundation of nursing since nursing began and will continue to shape nursing into the future Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.


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Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring is a middle range theory that focuses on the patient and nurse connection.  It focuses on caring authentically patient as a whole, which means caring about the patient’s mind, spirit and body, so the process of healing can continue at an ideal level.  Described as a model of caring that includes art and science; a framework that intersects and embraces with art, science, spirituality, humanities and a new dimension of body spirit and mind medicine. Watson believes her theory is one that is open to the changing practice of nursing. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples By applying abstract concepts of faith, hope, love, caring, and trust to nursing can help stratify the concept of human caring (Williams 2011).

Comprised of 4 major conceptual elements; clinical Caritas processes, caring moment/caring occasion and caring consciousness and transpersonal caring relationships.  The clinical Caritas processes emerges from Watson’s own caritas reason that involves trust, love, faith, hope, selflessness, caring, spirituality, energy and understanding.

Nurses must find it within themselves to say and explore on who they are to offer ideal care.  If the nurse is aware of what it takes to care for their patient, it will take them on an experience that not only benefits the nurse but the patient.  The nurse anticipates the needs of the patient and ensures that those needs are reached. Caring moment/caring occasion focus on the nurse experiencing something greater than themselves.  The feeling could be spiritual and encourage the nurse to make connections with the patient that would have never been there.  It could open areas for the new possibilities for a human connection at a deeper level that of physical interactions (Watson 2009).  The function of caring consciousness means the nurse needs awareness of the dynamics of life and human phenomena.  Watson’s goal is to let the nurse know that every person can connect by the healing process of energy Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.

Watson’s praxis leads itself in providing a different dimension of nursing explored rarely as the art of caring. Developing this theory structured the concept.  Caring is a part of nursing and the nurse needs to understand the power of human caring.  When reading this theory, it is clear and states the patient care is an ordeal that leads to a healing process for the patient.  In an acute setting a patient consumed by fear and anxiety, it takes a caring nurse to find those symptoms and help the patient resolve it.

The relationship that the model describes is between patients and nurse that is intensely deep and intertwined in the eyes of Watson.  Theoretical basis for nursing practice is in the transpersonal relationships that focus on the patient as the cherished other.  Based on the general concept that patients rely on nurses for spiritual care, psychosocial and comfort.  The relationship possesses healing power for the patient. with connection of human beings.  A caring model provides a capacity that nurses are to understand how caring behaviors can aid with development of a relationship with patients that puts them at ease and feeling secure.  This theory is significant in developing caring behaviors (Watson 2009) Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.

The concept of caring is very broad, with the Watson’s theory of Human Caring, it seems to help nurses understand more about the process of human caring.  The theory is easy to follow and introduced a word “caritas” defined in her theory as coming from the Greek word meaning “to cherish and appreciate, giving special attention to, or loving” (Summerell 2015)..

This theory originated with the importance to understanding that the nursing career is an ever evolving work in progress that adapts to our rapid changing nursing practice in society.It responds well to the human dynamics of phenomena that focus on nurse self-care that one can appreciate.  The focus is that Watson wants the nurse  to understand that one must find their spiritual and inner self that will allow them to go beyond their ego to open up to others with sensitivity and compassion.  It also has a potential to influence nursing actions to propel the discipline further into a more holistic context.  Self-care is important in nursing because it brings nurses closer to their spirits, allowing them to feel connections with the entire world and to experience a cosmic love (Sitzman 2007).  One can apply this knowledge to their nursing practice; it has simple tasks and is easily applied in any setting.  With the busy hospital, the nurse can have daily awareness to their practice, by taking a slow deep breath before entering the room to remind them that the need is present for awareness of the present condition.  This theory has concepts that seem to enhance the discipline of nursing. Jean Watson Human caring nursing theory essay Examples.


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