Levels of prevention used in the community health setting

Consider the levels of prevention used in the community health setting. The three levels are primary, secondary, and tertiary. What do these terms mean? Briefly stated, prevention is about taking action to prevent or minimize the occurrence of an event. Read about levels of prevention on page 192 of your textbook. To improve population health, the community nurse carries out her work sequentially and simultaneously at all levels of prevention. Also, as you continue to work on collecting health data. Consider contacting your local community health department this week to find out how they involved in addressing your problem. See what you can uncover. Also, collaborating with other health care professionals, including your team members, will assist you to gain a fuller understanding of both your issue and your chosen population. Please address the following: Think about the three levels of prevention and how they relate to your population group’s health problem. Provide three examples of health interventions, one for each level of prevention, that are appropriate actions to take regarding your population’s problem.

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