Moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example

Moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example

To prepare:
• Review literature for moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP.
• Select one of the articles you found that was published within the last 5 years to use as a focus for this assignment.
Write a 2-page paper in which you do the following:
• Summarize the moral/ethical issue in the article (no more than 1 paragraph).
• Describe the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the issue.
• Analyze the ethical issue and compare them to the state health laws and regulations in your state. moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example.
• Outline the process of ethical decision making you would use to address this ethical dilemma.


Ethics in Psychiatric Mental Health Practice

The Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) is a registered nurse practitioner specialized wit handling psychiatrist mental cases. This group of nurses is highly trained and possesses a master’s degree level of education. PMHPs perform physical examinations and screening, formulate initial physical diagnoses and make precise references to indicate primary care for mentally ill patients. PMHNPs are entitled to develop relationships with severe mental cases, which help identify underlying health problems. They are in charge of coordinating and integrating multidisciplinary mental care services, while providing comprehensive family psychiatric mental health education. moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example. However, PMHNPs do face an array of ethical and moral challenges when disseminating their duties. It is in the light of their predicaments that it is important to evaluate the ethical issues which entail lack of confidentiality and poor decision making.

Ethical Issue

Findlay et al. (2015) conducted a research to ascertain the relationship between patients suffering from schizophrenia and poor behavioral decisions that lead to poor health outcomes. The researches employed a descriptive qualitative study to examine behavioral decision making amongst patients suffering from schizophrenia. The main objective of employing the descriptive qualitative analysis was to gain in-depth understanding on experiences and perspectives of the patients involved in the research.  All the participants were required to understand the purpose of the study, willing to communicate effectively about their schizophrenia conditions, and be 18 years and above. moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example. The researchers excluded patients who had communication problems, and exhibited inability to communicate. Findlay et al. (2015) used the content analysis to scrutinize collected and sampled data. The researchers discovered that the group of schizophrenic patients understood the cause of their predicaments and were able to reveal their behavioral indulgence. Particularly, some publicly stated that they engaged in smoking and listening to music to relieve their stress. The researchers, therefore, concluded that most of the schizophrenic patients understood their ailments, and would engage PMHNPs for relevant treatment methods.  They seconded that the root cause of poor outcomes in patients suffering from schizophrenia was contributed by poor decision making by PMHNP nurses. moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example.

Moral and ethical dilemmas

Behavioral decision making is a vital component when handling patients, specifically those suffering from mental disabilities. Normally, patients suffering from mental illnesses may be subjected to forceful commitment to care, majorly due to bad decisions from their relatives and families (Streiner, Norman, & Cairney, 2015). Patients might contest such decisions, since they are against their will. PMHNPs encounter such unethical dilemmas, since they compromise the legal rights of a patient (Annamalai, & Tek, 2015). Besides, they make decisions that lead to deterioration of a patient’s health instead of ensuring recovery. moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example.

Analysis and state health laws and regulations

The department of mental health services in Chicago is committed to offering utmost excellent care to all patients suffering from mental conditions. The state dictates that the department collaborates with community mental health providers to directly invest with the local partners to provide mental health services (Jacobson, & Dahlen, 2016). The law explains that not all interventions work for all patients, and therefore, PMHNPS need to precisely understand a patient’s problems and apply relevant approaches to foster better outcomes (Delaney, K. R. (2016). The law supports the need for practitioners to be diverse and integrate approaches that ensure better patient outcomes while keeping and upholding the law.


It is normal for PMHNPs to encounter ethical dilemmas when handling patients with mental disabilities. In my opinion, however, it is necessary to engage family members when faced with such predicaments. Besides, I would consider the opinion of the patient about the preferred treatment method. This way, I would ensure the dissemination of an appropriate treatment approach that works within the law and satisfies the patient’s needs, guaranteeing better outcomes. moral/ethical issues encountered by a PMHNP essay example.


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