Mosquitoes reproduction

To prepare for this Discussion: Walk around a two-block radius near where you live or work. Look to see if you can spot any areas where mosquitoes may reproduce. These sites may include abandoned tires, rainwater collection systems that have been installed at homes, parks or golf courses, low sections at roadsides or near sidewalks, and the like. You may include pictures of sites that you find to enhance your discussion thread. Note any positive or negative findings that you observe. Have steps been taken to prevent mosquito breeding? Find out what your community health department does for mosquito abatement. Discover who in your community you would contact to report deficiencies/negative findings. Determine what you can do, as a PHN, to change policy to reduce mosquito breeding grounds in your neighborhood. By Day 3 Post your findings regarding mosquito breeding grounds in a two-block radius near where you live or work. Include any preventative strategies you can see that are already in place. Report on the role your local health department plays in mosquito abatement and to whom you would report negative findings. Then, describe your role as a BSN in changing policy to ensure a healthier climate (reduced mosquito breeding grounds) in your neighborhood.

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