My personal nursing philosophy essay

My personal nursing philosophy essay

My Personal Philosophy

My philosophy about the nursing profession is that I view it as a calling, a privilege indeed, to be in a position where I can use my knowledge and skills driven by my compassionate and caring nature to provide holistic care to my patients. The course is to treat them with respect, honesty, and dignity without any bias or discrimination to enhance wellness. I clearly remember asking my mother one day what I would be when I grew up My personal nursing philosophy essay. She told me I would be a good nurse and that I should consider it as a profession. After that conversation I never gave any other profession a thought.


I feel that my philosophy revolves around an empathetic, compassionate and patient-centered care. As nurses, we are in a position to influence the individual, a community and the larger society as change agents in promoting healthy lifestyles and shaping policies that affect social determinants which are critical in health care. Holistic care does involve taking care of a patient’s spirit, mind, body, emotion, and environmental well-being and that is way out of the great nursing theories that I have learned I tend to associate my practice with the works of the nightingale (Pitt et al., 2014) My personal nursing philosophy essay.

Florence Nightingale developed the environmental theory in which she did give a detailed explanation of 13 fundamental canons of the environment that she believed if nurses would make an effort to modify the patient’s environment according to her rules they would be significant in quick recovery of the patient (Medeiros, Enders & Lira, 2015). Her 13 rules include cleanliness of rooms and walls, ventilation, noise, light, personal sanitation, bed and bedding, and proper diet. Taking care of these factors is an excellent step towards holistic care. At the clinical level, positive outcomes on patients can be facilitated by attaching an environmental checklist besides the patient’s bed which will compel nurses to act on such factors. At the community level, Nightingale’s concept of environment can be facilitated through awareness and campaigns through various media on the importance of environmental hygiene and the impact on health. I firmly believe if the ecological theory is applied into the familiar and clinical concept most of the disease, infections and spread of communicable diseases can be toned down by a significant margin and health is promoted of which are among the roles nurse play (Medeiros, Enders & Lira, 2015). As an infection preventionist, I support Nightingale’s statement that the specific scientific activity of nursing is hygiene, and the central element in health care, without which medicine and surgery would be ineffective (Smith & Parker, 2015).

I believe that I got some basic qualities that are relevant towards my nursing career, like good communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empathetic compassion and emotional stability (Pitt et al., 2014). My kind nature led me to pursue nursing of which I had thought would be a smooth ride in gaining the knowledge, skills, and experience, but what I have learned is that it is not for the faint hearted, as some scenes, occurrences and cases can leave one stressed out or even traumatized. Thanks to a supportive family, my colleagues, tutors, and mentors I seem to have overcome that barrier and grown emotionally. I perceive nursing as a noble career that surpasses the need for that monthly check as it purposely deals with an aspect that can neither be quantified nor assigned a monetary value, health, and well-being. My personal nursing philosophy essay I understand the role of nurses as advocates, to actualize the environmental theory I opt to put it into practice when dealing with my patients and counsel, educate and empower them to practice healthy living and self-care. I believe one can change society from dealing with individuals.

I can describe a patient as one that is in need of medical care to enhance their well-being and while on the process their environment plays a critical role. Beginning with the nurses, I believe in the mirror technique that is we cannot advocate for better care of others without modelling positive behaviour in our lives as role models (Hoeve, Jansen & Roodbol, 2014). Self-care is, and I abide by it through proper diets, exercising, having adequate sleep and rest and by minimizing risks within my environment that pose a danger to my health. Nursing as a practice is changing fast. Thanks to continued research and advancement the current world seems to spin fast with significant developments in health care and evidence-based practices. My personal nursing philosophy essay That is why I commit to enrolling in continuous learning to keep tabs with the current and evolve seamlessly throughout my career. I am open to any teaching to be it from my personal experience in healthcare or interaction with colleagues, patients, and their families.

My strengths and core values act as a guide towards achieving a lifelong career in nursing to impact as many lives as possible through patient safety, healing, and empowerment. My motivating factor is that each day comes with new opportunities and I am better than I was yesterday and will continue to stride with confidence upholding my personal and professional ethical standards always. My nursing experiences had changed my worldview of nursing practice as before I had only perceived it narrowly as a career that only deals with treatment and patient care but coming to learn of it, it is a practice with a widened scope capable of changing the society via influencing the primary social determinants. My current vision is to bring change and hope to my patients, change their perspective of life and be an inspiration to my juniors that would like to join the nursing profession shortly (Hoeve, Jansen & Roodbol, 2014) My personal nursing philosophy essay.


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