narrative essay gives a vivid story, mainly from a personal point of view. It is written with bright descriptions and sensory details that engage the reader. Each detail is connected to the primary point that the writer wants to make. Narrative essays have all the features of a story, such as a plot, setting, characters, and climax. They have a beginning, middle, and conclusion.

Writing an exemplary narrative essay is a valuable skill for field research. A narrative essay writer does not sum things up for their audience. Instead, you can present your experience or a personal opinion and allow your readers to make their judgments. A writer makes a point by subtly guiding the audience rather than battering them like in persuasive essays.

Narrative essay

Not every form of academic write-up requires in-depth research-a narrative paper is one of them. This essay combines academic arguments with story-telling skills. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about how to write a narrative essay. But before that, what is a narrative?

A narrative is also known as a tale or story. It describes any series of connected experiences or events that aim to describe universal lessons based on the writer’s world views.  Common narratives include personal essays, autobiographies, fairy tales, etc. So, what is a Narrative essay?

What is a narrative essay?

A narrative essay imparts a lesson or makes an argument through personal experiences. It tests your ability to present your thoughts, feelings, and experiences straightforward yet creative. Writing a narrative essay requires understanding how your story starts and ends. You can then convey it brilliantly with compelling language and at a good pace.

Narrative essay elements

  • Plot- The plot in a narrative essay is the series of events that occur throughout the narration.
  • Setting– It is the location where the events take place at a specific time.
  • Theme– This is the main point of your essay. What is the moral of your story? What do you intend to teach your audience?
  • Characters-Characters are the individuals featured in the story. Be sure to introduce your characters with sufficient information making it easy for the reader to visualize them.
  • Conflict-Conflict refers to the problem or issue being resolved usually by the characters.

Narrative essay outline

So, you now understand what’s a narrative essay. You can proceed to make an outline and start organizing your write-up. A narrative format follows a five-paragraph outline, including an introduction, 3 paragraph bodies, and a conclusion like other academic papers. Fortunately, the internet has numerous examples of narrative essays to help you learn.


Your essay introductory paragraph should include a captivating hook statement that draws your readers’ attention. You can ask a rhetorical question or give a new or interesting fact about your story. The introductory paragraph also explains how the story relates to you to the readers. The last part of your introduction is a clear thesis statement stating your story’s main point.

First body paragraph

Rise to action and set up your story

This is where you should give the background of your style. It is crucial that you use concise and descriptive language to fill your readers with essential information. The details include the plot, setting, onset, and main characters of your narrative.

Second body paragraph

Briefly tell your story till the climax

The second paragraph of your essay is where you get to the heart of your story. You can use one or more facts or anecdotes to take the readers through your story to the climax.

Third body paragraph

How does your story end?

Share with your audience how your story ends while throwing in some facts to give the resolution of your experience.


Restate your main point and how it relates to your readers. This is the essay paragraph where you wrap up your story. Restate your story’s primary focus and state how it relates to the readers’ everyday life.

Examples of narrative essay

The internet boasts endless resources on how to write a narrative. You will also find numerous narrative essay examples. It offers invaluable guides on various essay formats, including the APA narrative format.

Narrative essay topics

With a clear definition narrative essay, you can now get to writing. Before choosing the ultimate narrative essay topic, keep in mind that your goal is to tell stories. You should choose a theme that allows the audience to connect to your individual experiences, skills, and significant life lessons.

How to write a narrative essay

Writing a narrative essay should be an enjoyable experience. It is one of the easiest and most free-spirited academic write-ups ever. So, you want to write a narrative but are not sure where to start. Here is a specific sequence of actions you should take to write an exemplary narrative essay:

  • Brainstorm and evaluate ideas
  • Choose the best topic
  • Define the purpose of your writing
  • Organize your narrative
  • Create an essay outline.

Easy tips on writing a narrative essay

Keep it clear and concise

The goal of writing a narrative paper is to take your audience on an enjoyable journey. It is therefore essential that your keep your narrative easy to read and understand. This requires you to avoid complex words and phrasing.

Use first-person narrative

Ideally, a narrative paper describes real experiences and events that happened in the writer’s life. Avoid using the second or third person (you, he, she, it, they) perspective. Always use the first person (I) narrative throughout your essay.

Do not overuse details

Sure, your narrative form should tell a tale in precise, vivid detail. However, be careful not to overuse the details. After all, you might have a limited word count that you want to use to tell your entire story. Avoid describing every aspect and focus more on the parts that add significant value to your story.

Narrative essay topics FAQs

Here are some brilliant narrative essay topic ideas you can use in your next write up:

  • Parents are the voice of moral discipline and reason in a family. How have your parents impacted your field?
  • A few wise words can change a person’s perspective of life forever. Which conversation changed your life the most?
  • Losing a friend can be a rough experience. How did it happen?
  • We all have hobbies. What is your, and how has it helped in your life?

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