Neuman’s Systems Theory in Home Health Essay

Neuman’s Systems Theory in Home Health Essay

This module has given you an overview of multiple theorists both nursing and non-nursing. Choose a theorist of your choice(The Neuman Systems Theory) and explain how it relates to nursing practice. Give an example of how this theory was applied in your own practice.
1. The Neuman Systems Theory
2. Practice- Home Health


Applying Neuman’s Systems Theory in Home Health

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The significance of nursing theories and conceptual models in clinical nursing practice for the growth of the nursing profession is broadly acknowledged. The theory of choice for this discussion is the systems model theory which was developed by Betty Neuman. Betty Neuman   was a counselor, a community health nurse, and professor. The theory emphasizes on the need for nurses to view a patient as an integrated and is based on the relationship of an individual to stress, how one reacts to it and the dynamic reconstitution factors (Jukes & Spencer, 2016). Hence, for an individual’s well-being and balance, the theory affirms that a person is interdependent and inter-relational due to stressful situations that result to associated socio-cultural, psychological, environmental and physiological effects (de Almeida et al., 2018).  In this case, a nurse’s role is to retain the stability of this system.

Betty Neuman’s system model can be reformulated and applied in home-health practice to ensure that clients can meet the activities of daily life by providing daily assistance while at home as opposed to long-term or residential care centers. These services can be provided through three prevention levels: primary, secondary and tertiary levels.  Primary prevention should focus on safeguarding and strengthening the flexible line of defense especially for seniors, adults and pediatric patients in recovery after staying in hospital to prevent unnecessary admissions (Landers et al., 2016). This can be achieved through disease education and vaccination. Secondary prevention ought to strengthen resistance lines, reduce reaction and increase factors of resistance. Secondary prevention can be attained through wound care, disease management, and pain management. Lastly, tertiary prevention should aim at readapting and stabilizing the return to wellness after treatment. It may include activities in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Neuman’s Systems Theory in Home Health Essay.


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