NRNP 6565: Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice Care of Patients in Primary Care Settings

Discussion: Certification and Licensure

Week 1 Main Post

Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are registered nurses who obtain a graduate level nursing education and advanced level preparation which affords them the knowledge to diagnose and treat acute and chronic medical conditions across populations (“New Jersey Nurse Practitioners,” 2021). The New Jersey Board of Nursing (BON) is the regulatory body that has authority over APN practice in the State of New Jersey (Phillips, 2020). To practice as an APN in the State of New Jersey, the New Jersey BON requires a licensed registered nurse to graduate from an accredited master’s or doctorate level program geared towards the education of APNs as well as to successfully pass an advanced practice state board exam in their specialized area of study (“New Jersey Board of Nursing Advanced Practice Nurse Certification,” 2015). APNs in New Jersey are considered independent practitioners and they are permitted to diagnosed and treat without the supervision of a physician (“New Jersey Board of Nursing Advanced Practice Nurse Certification,” 2015). APN practice in NJ is limited however, in that they are only authorized to prescribe if they concomitantly associate themselves with a New Jersey licensed physician and collaboratively consult with them before prescribing any medication or device (“New Jersey Board of Nursing Advanced Practice Nurse Certification,” 2015). As a resident of the State of New Jersey, the author anticipates practicing as an APN in NJ upon completion of her studies.

Application process in New Jersey:

Request the application to the BON by email with personal information, Highest college/university degree related to Advanced Practice Nursing, specialty and type of certification. The type of application: Initial certification, Endorsement or Re-instatement. Proof of a current New Jersey registered professional nurse license in good standing.

A completed, application form and nonrefundable, application fee of $100.00 payable by money order or check only.  (After the application process is completed, there is also a certificate fee of $80.00/$160.00 depending on the expiration our Registered Professional Nurse License.)

Original Official Transcript(s) as proof of compliance with the Board’s education requirements.

Proof of passing the highest level national Advanced Practice Nurse Examination in the area of clinical specialty.  (Certification information must be sent directly to the Board of Nursing from the Certifying Body.) Proof that all advanced nursing practice certification(s)/licensure(s) which have held in other states are in good standing, expired, or in some other status (New Jersey Board of Nursing, 2021). APNs must obtain a New Jersey CDS registration number as well as a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) certification number before they have the ability to prescribe a CDS and they must include their DEA number on any CDS prescription (“New Jersey Board of Nursing Advanced Practice Nurse Certification,” 2015). To prescribe a CDS, the APN must have completed prior pharmacology education and confer with a supervising physician prior to prescribing (“New Jersey Nurse Practitioners: Prescriptive Authority,” 2021). APNs licensed in NJ are permitted to prescribe CDS Schedules II through V provided that the above requirements are met (“Mid-Level Practitioners Authorization by State,” 2021; “New Jersey Board of Nursing Statutes and Regulations: Chapter 37,” 2020). (New Jersey Board of Nursing, 2021).

New Jersey are involved in many legislative advocacy activities true NJSNA, between others are:

Pronouncement of Death Act, Advanced Practice Nurse Act, Death Certification Bill (2015), etc.


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