NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay

Cultivating Healthful Environments


There are many factors that effect the working conditions of a work place, which ultimately effect the work output of a nurse and safety of the patients, one of these factors is work place incivility. According to American Nurses Associations (ANA, 2015), incivility is a significant problem that has far- reaching implications. Incivility is a complex phenomenon and has traditionally been overlooked in nursing. incivility can produce negative effect on the psychology of the nurse thereby it may spoil the respect and dignity of nurse, that can effect the healthcare service provided by the nurse in a negative way and the patient outcomes may become poor. NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay . This paper provides some issues of incivility that are important to nursing. It provides some analysis of the issues of incivility, importance of nursing, storytelling, creating healthful environment and practice of application in nursing, some strategies to overcome incivility that may help for cultivating a healthful environment


Issues of Incivility

Incivility can occur at work place in many forms that may include bullying and violence at workplace, it can be both physical and psychological. According to American Nurses Association (2015), incivility consists of harmful actions which include name-calling, a condescending tone, public criticism, gossiping, spreading rumors, rude behavior, discourteous, or disrespectful actions. Weaver (2013), new graduate nurses are at a higher risk of bullying and leaving the profession at increasing rate. Bullying can lead to errors and produce adverse effects on the patients. Furthermore, Lachman (2015) there are disruptive behavior that may occur due to incivility. For example, throwing objects, banging down telephone receiver, intentionally damaging equipment, and exposing patient or staff to contaminated fluid or equipment NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay.

The issue of incivility has negative impact on the development of good relationships among healthcare providers and patients. Al-Omari (2015) incivility leads to the psychological consequences such as anger, disappointment, insecure feeling, and loss of confidence among patients and nurses. Therefore, some code of ethics and positive steps and measures should be adopted to reduce the adverse effects of incivility.

Importance to Nursing

Nursing is very sensitive and emotional healthcare profession. The case of incivility is very important to nursing because it effects the ultimate outcomes of the patient care. American Nurses association (2015) nurses are required to create ethical environment, culture of civility and kindness, treating colleagues, coworkers, employees, students and others with dignity and respect NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay.

Incivility can cause increase in cases of stress and exhaustions among the individual nurse there by creating negative psychological behaviors. Lachman (2014) stated that there is rising incivility among the nurses which impact nursing practice and patient outcomes. This is affecting healthcare sector in a negative way, such that the sharing of resources and amount of work allocation is not balanced. This increases the work output demand from the nurse in an unsystematic way, which many times leads to poor performance and resignation. Incivility also impacts nurse’s life outside their workplace environment. When a nurse carries the result of incivility into their personal life it leads to lack of energy, sleep, and causes of depression. NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay.

Incivility is a major factor of reduced work appraisal among the nurses and hence leading to deterrence of the nurses. American Nurses Association (2015), discouragement from work would cause gaps in patient care and will result in emotional disturbances that will cause anger, sadness and fear. This may lead to violent behavior to other staff members and patient. According to Simpson (2016), approves that a nurse may experience violence from others which may lead to physically injury and cause distrust among other employees and patients.


When this author joined nursing profession this author was not aware of incivility at work place. This author had a positive attitude towards all coworkers and patients and it’s true that there was a situation where this author had felt a good respect and dignity towards the work culture. But there was a moment when an older nurse on the floor from another country became charge nurse. When she assigned the assignment to other nurses they had negative response toward her because they considered the assignment very tedious. The other nurses started gossiping and criticizing her and passed sarcastic remarks on her, because she was very thorough in her working style and always looked into the details. NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay.

The impact of this negative behavior of other nurses was such that the patients had to suffer because the responses of the nurses slowed down towards the patient needs. The reason was that the nurses spent more time in gossiping about older nurse instead of caring for patients. Ultimately the whole activity of the healthcare system slowed down which held the charge nurse accountable for whole situation. This behavior of incivility could have been prevented if the other nurses had not been involved in those negative behavioral activities.


Creating a Healthful Environment

For creating a healthful work environment, the first strategy should be effective, honest and open communication, as it is very important in healthcare system. Lachman (2014), good and open communication helps in the resolution of possible misunderstanding among coworkers at the workplace. This will ensure that the nurse is able to get the accurate information about the patient thereby she will be able to perform her duty as expected by the system.

The second strategy according to American Nurses Association (2015), advises that is to promote cultural civility, a positive work culture should be developed in which a nurse treats other nurses, coworkers, employees, students and patients with kindness, respect and dignity. NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay.

Thirdly, there is need for healthcare leaders to implement positive behavior and work culture. Nurse leaders should be accountable for the code of conduct, education, mentoring, disciplinary actions and follow policies (Stanton 2015, p.7). The education should be imparted for awareness and training of good leaders who would implement a “zero-tolerance” policy and know how to handle a situation, such as racial or ethnic comments, gossiping and sarcastic remarks.

Practice Application

My specialty track is family nurse practitioner and my responsibility is to conduct physical examinations and procedures, and communicate with interdisciplinary team about health condition of patients. One of the strategy that can be implemented for master’s prepared – advanced practice role to cultivate positive healthful work environment will be effective communication. When healthcare professional is giving the hand off report to the other team member, he or she should clearly explain the condition of the patient and concern of the patient needs, such as involving family member in the plan of care and perform better patient care. The other strategy will be the avoiding some actions like gossiping and passing remarks to other staff, should be avoided, that will help the nurse to focus on the patient care in a better way NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay. According to American Nurses Association (2015), some actions include name – calling, a condescending tone, public criticism, gossiping, and rumors as well as sarcasm, racial and ethnic slurs, and intentional exclusion.


In conclusion, of above stated facts and situations it is very much understandable that incivility is very harmful for the healthcare sector. The rude behavior, gossiping, racial slurs, passing sarcastic remarks are some of the factors of incivility. NR 500 Cultivating Healthful Environments Essay. These factors of incivility affect the family nurse practitioner in a negative way, both psychologically and physically and also affects the patient care and thereby slows down the whole healthcare system. Therefore, it is very important to avoid incivility and create a positive work culture environment to provide better healthcare. This can be by achieved by following effective open communication among the nurses, adopting code of ethics, zero tolerance policy, treating all staff with respect, kindness and dignity.


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