NRP/543: Management Of Pediatric And Adolescent

NRP/543: Management Of Pediatric And Adolescent

Wk 7 Discussion Populations Response 1 & 2 – M-CHAT Tool

Post 1 reply to each of the following discussion responses from classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional.

  • Each reply must be minimum of 175 words each.
  • You MUST include a question with every post response to receive full credit.
  • Each response must have at least 1 scholarly peer reviewed reference or textbook listed

  below under references.

  • Must cite and list references in APA 7th edition format.

Textbook for NRP/543:

Burns, C. E., Dunn, A. M., Brady, M. A., Barber Starr, N., Blosser, C. G., & Garzon, D. L. (2017). Pediatric primary care (6th ed.). Elsevier.

Wk 7 DQ Response 1. Please reply as instructed above.

  • Class: The CDC has information on screening for ASD at
  • One of the primary considerations in performing the screening is cultural competencies. What modifications in the questions or screening should be done for individuals of other cultures?


Ben-Sasson, A., Robins, D. L., & Yom-Tov, E. (2018). Risk Assessment for Parents Who Suspect Their Child Has Autism Spectrum Disorder: Machine Learning Approach. Journal of medical Internet research, 20(4), e134.

Wk 7 DQ Response 2. Please reply as instructed above.

  • Class: What are some effective treatments for ASD?

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