NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers

NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers

Question 1.1. Steady state is: (Points : 2.5)

The point on the drug concentration curve when absorption exceeds excretion
When the amount of drug in the body remains constant
When the amount of drug in the body stays below the minimum toxic concentration (MTC)
All of the above

Question 2.2. A patient’s nutritional intake and lab work reflect hypoalbuminemia. This is critical to prescribing because: (Points : 2.5)

Distribution of drugs to target tissue may be affected
The solubility of the drug will not match the site of absorption
There will be less free drug available to generate an effect
Drugs bound to albumin are readily excreted by the kidney

NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers


Question 3.3. The point in time on the drug concentration curve that indicates the first sign of a therapeutic effect is the: (Points : 2.5)

Minimum adverse effect level
Peak of action
Onset of action
Therapeutic range

Question 4.4. Genetic polymorphisms account for differences in metabolism, including: (Points : 2.5)

Poor metabolizers (PMs) that lack a working enzyme
Intermediate metabolizers (IMs) that have one working, wild-type allele and one mutant allele
Extensive metabolizers (EMs), with two normally functioning alleles
All of the above NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers

Question 5.5. Warfarin resistance may be seen in patients with VCORC1 mutation, leading to: (Points : 2.5)

Toxic levels of warfarin building up
Decreased response to warfarin
Increased risk for significant drug interactions with warfarin
Less risk of drug interactions with warfarin

Question 6.6. The elderly are at high risk of ADRs due to: (Points : 2.5)

Having greater muscle mass than younger adults, leading to higher volume of distribution
The extensive studies that have been conducted on drug safety in this age group
The blood-brain barrier being less permeable, requiring higher doses to achieve therapeutic effect
Age-related decrease in renal function

Question 7.7. The time required for the amount of drug in the body to decrease by 50% is called: (Points : 2.5) NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers

Steady state
Phase II metabolism
Reduced bioavailability time

Question 8.8. Which one of the following statements about bioavailability is true? (Points : 2.5)

Bioavailability issues are especially important for drugs with narrow therapeutic ranges or sustained release mechanisms.
All brands of a drug have the same bioavailability.
Drugs that are administered more than once a day have greater bioavailability than drugs given once daily.
Combining an active drug with an inert substance does not affect bioavailability.

Question 9.9. A twenty-four-year-old male received multiple fractures in a motor vehicle accident that required significant amounts of opioid medication to treat his pain. He is at risk for Type __ ADR when he no longer requires the opioids. (Points : 2.5)


Question 10.10. Drugs that use CYP3A4 isoenzymes for metabolism may: (Points : 2.5)

Induce the metabolism of another drug
Inhibit the metabolism of another drug
Both A and B
Neither A nor B

Question 11.11. The major reason for not crushing a sustained release capsule is that, if crushed, the coated beads of the drugs could possibly result in: (Points : 2.5) NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers


Question 12.12. When obtaining a drug history from Harold, he gives you a complete list of his prescription medications. He denies taking any other drugs, but you find that he occasionally takes aspirin for his arthritis flare-ups. This is an example of: (Points : 2.5)

His appropriately only telling you about his regularly prescribed medications
His hiding information regarding his inappropriate use of aspirin from you
A common misconception that intermittently taken OTC medications are not an important part of his drug history NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers
A common misuse of OTC aspirin

Question 13.13. The role of the nurse practitioner in the use of herbal medication is to: (Points : 2.5)

Maintain competence in the prescribing of common herbal remedies.
Recommend common OTC herbs to patients.
Educate patients and guide them to appropriate sources of care.
Encourage patients to not use herbal therapy due to the documented dangers.

Question 14.14. Genetic testing for VCORC1 mutation to assess potential warfarin resistance is required prior to prescribing warfarin. (Points : 2.5)


Question 15.15. Which of the following factors may adversely affect a patient’s adherence to a therapeutic drug regimen? (Points : 2.5)

Complexity of the drug regimen
Patient’s perception of the potential adverse effects of the drugs
Both A and B
Neither A nor B

NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers Question 16.16. Herbs and supplements are tested for safety by the FDA. (Points : 2.5)


Question 17.17. The first step in the prescribing process according to the World Health Organization is: (Points : 2.5)

Choosing the treatment
Educating the patient about the medication
Diagnosing the patient’s problem
Starting the treatment

Question 18.18. The angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor lisinopril is a known teratogen. Teratogens cause Type ____ ADR. (Points : 2.5)


NSG 6005 week two quiz with answers


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