NU420M2 Change Agent to Diverse Populations Sample Essay

NU420M2 Change Agent to Diverse Populations Sample Essay

Characteristics of a Change Agent

Effective leadership results to successful changes in an organization. Change leaders have the ability to enthuse and influence others through drive, vision, advocacy and access of resources to develop a platform for change (Sayers et al., 2015). As such, a good leader should be flexible enough to adapt to the unpredictable external and internal factors affecting the performance of the institution. Flexibility supports agility in change adaptation. Another characteristic of change agents is diversified knowledge. This means that they are knowledgeable and seeks to identify what is workable to increase productivity and quality of care in the healthcare settings. They identify new approaches to problem resolution and spot new growth opportunities. NU420M2 Change Agent to Diverse Populations Sample Essay


Moreover, they are responsible which makes them accountable and trustworthy as well as have effective communication and listening skills. This enables them to pass messages, listen to suggestions and allow informed decision making through collaboration with interdisciplinary and interprofessional teams (Sayers et al., 2015). A change agent is also visionary in that they see the potential for the existence of the organization and the world and set realistic goals to achieve the vision.

Develop a Strategy to Employ Change

As a new unit manager for the medical surgical unit, I intend to employ an effective change strategy to resolve the resolve the issue of high incidence of new onset diabetes in the Latino population. The strategy will entail recruitment for new roles and skills necessary for the successful implementation of the intended changes. This will be followed by the training of the staff on the effective skills to educate the patients on prevention considering that the department has a little documentation of education by staff. Furthermore, I will implement the new performance goals focused on the wellbeing of the Latino population and application of evidence-based prevention practices to better reduce the new diabetes incidences. NU420M2 Change Agent to Diverse Populations Sample Essay. Consequently, I will optimize the process across all entitles  including the reevaluation and standardization of the management process across the department for consistency followed by sustainability of the employee engagement in the times of change through recognition, communication, stress management, promotion of opportunities, quality care and executive actions as the core drivers of change (Lewallen, 2015). In order to ensure that the change is long-term and effective, I will train project leaders to ensure sustainability of the change in the future.


The main anticipated outcome for the change is the reduction of new diabetic cases among the Latino population within six months. This is because, the increase in the new on-set cases has become a challenge to manage the medical cases associated with diabetes and also increased the cost of healthcare. Patient education by staff thus seeks to create awareness and promote healthy practices among the Latino population. Education on prevention will thus reduce the occurrence of diabetes through awareness of healthy lifestyles, exercise and feeding habits.  The evaluation of the success of this change will entail the outcome evaluation. This will obtain the descriptive data and document short-term findings. This will provide the immediate impacts of patient education on the change of the new diabetes on-set cases. In this case, I will obtain the percentage of the target audience demonstrating increased awareness on diabetes prevention and the number of public enquiries, behavioral changes, attitude and knowledge shifts, expressed target audience intentions and initiated policies (Oermann & Gaberson, 2016). NU420M2 Change Agent to Diverse Populations Sample Essay


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