NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example

NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example

NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example

EBP-Solution Description

Proposed Solution

The current situation in the health organisation is alarming and needs action. The hospital is substantial generation loads of data. There is much generation of patient’s records which necessitates the facility to have a more improved and automated database management systems that can assist in the management of the same (Lampe et al., 2014).  The proposed solution to the pertinent issues/health problem is the systematic management of the overall organisation’s database and other automation of other services and functions in the facility that requires electronic applications NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example. The implementation of the project aims at improving efficiency and quality service delivery in health care. The current situation is problematic since it becomes more difficult and unproductive for nurses in practice and other health officers in the organisation to provide quality services as expected (Lampe et al., 2014). The level of technology in the current age necessitates that the activities in the hospital be automated in making the work easier.


The proposed intervention or rather the solution that is intended for the current health issues in the health organisation is implementing of the technology application that will help in the integration of the various clinical activities in the organisation (McNamara, 2017). The project is also aimed at the combination of the Electronic Health Records and the Computerised Physician Order Entry. The two technologies can effectively be used in the management of the entire records of the hospital and other crucial functions in the facility. In essence, the intervention is consistent with the current with the current evidence corrected. The health organisation needs te intervention most for the integration and management of organisation’s overall functions and operations. The response is a real solution to the current challenge in the hospital. The IT infrastructure in the hospital is compatible or instead will allow a conducive environment that can allow implementation of the program. NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example. The training on the proper use of the system is adequate, and the organisation has the right capacity training on the same (Romanow, 2018). It will be comfortable and compatible with the organisation to adopt, and implementation of the technological application and hence makes the intervention a realistic.


There are various measures that I shall use to counteract the challenges that I expect in the field when gathering evidence. These interventions include ensuring there is enough background to collecting evidence such as engaging more nurses and clinicians as possible. I will also seek as many resources as possible to provide sufficient evidence for the project NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example.

Organizational Culture

The overall nature of the nurses in practice and even the clinical nurses have always engaged in research and evidence-based practices (Romanow, 2018). They are highly expected to provide quality healthcare services to the patients. The overall expectation of the organisation is the application of the implemented technological application to seek evidence and research to improve the performance of nurses in practice and the organisation. The organisation has a rigid IT system that is consistent the newly proposed intervention (Lampe et al., 2014). The culture of the facility and the resources available are therefore consistent with the literature of the activities of nurses in practice and other clinical nurses in improving their performance and productivity.

Expected Outcomes

The project will improve the implementation of the technological application to help in integration and automation of clinical activities to achieve efficiency and quality service delivery (Lampe et al., 2014). Apart from the management of records and company’s data, there are other functions that the applications help in solving. The organisation expects that the project shall help in reducing cost and risks associated with the manual management of records and activities in the hospital (McNamara, 2017). There is a high expectation of improved quality service delivery in the nursing practice. NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example.

Method to Achieve the Outcome

Assuming that the organisation’s infrastructure remained unchanged and it is consistent with the new program, it is critical to ensure that the nursing team receives the right and adequate training for the technology for better-improved results (Romanow, 2018).

Impact of the Outcome

The successful implementation of the projects or rather the program is expected to have the various effects onto the system. Some of the improvements include patient-centered quality healthcare, quality care improvements, environmental changes and increased efficiency of processes (McNamara, 2017) NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example.


Lampe, K., Pasternack, I., Saarekas, O., Raustia, L., Cleemput, I., Corio, M., … & Kristensen, F. (2014). Developing the HTA core model for the online environment. International journal of technology assessment in health care30(5), 478-487.

McNamara, J. (2017). Does Implementing a CDSS in Radiology Have an Effect on CT Order Errors?. Weber State University.

Romanow, D., Rai, A., & Keil, M. (2018). CPOE-Enabled Coordination: Appropriation for Deep Structure Use and Impacts on Patient Outcomes. MIS Quarterly42(1), 189-212. NUR 699 EBP Section D: Solution Description Example


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