NURS 6053 Effects of Nursing Education on Healthcare Discussion

NURS 6053 Effects of Nursing Education on Healthcare Discussion

NURS 6053 Effects of Nursing Education on Healthcare Discussion

Description of National Healthcare Issue

In this week’s discussion, attention to an increasing healthcare issue regarding improving nursing education. The ramifications for improving education and training include the use and understanding of the evidence-based practice, which yields improved staff and patient outcomes and better care coordination. The opportunities to increase nursing education have played a great role in nursing advancements. Research has been committed to making the transition easy for RN-BSN-MSN to better utilize the nurses’ skills and to increase the number of BSN or greater educated nurses (Geradi, Farmer, & Hoffman, 2018) NURS 6053 Effects of Nursing Education on Healthcare Discussion.


Impact of Issue on My Work Setting

For many years at my facility, until now, were “fathered in” or accepted as AD nurse managers. After the influx of baccalaureate and higher prepared nurses, concerns and complaints grew for many reasons such as evaluations from the managers who were less educated and the lack of EB changes to improve patient care. The facility’s needs were to have EBP changes and improvement to these units in which many of the floor nurses were readily accepting them, but without a leader, changes were not upheld. Also, many masters prepared nurses worked the floor as staff nurses and were not utilized to the extent at which they could be beneficial to the institution. While understanding education is important for institutional growth and progression towards improved patient outcomes, meanwhile there are needs for many of these nurses to take part in other areas. NURS 6053 Effects of Nursing Education on Healthcare Discussion. For example a nurse with an MSN in nursing education relocating off the floor to become the unit educator at this point higher educated nurses mostly long to work in their field of studies, causing possible shortage on the floor. Understanding supply, demand, need, and requirements are crucial for inpatient units, outpatient, and home health at the institution (Ricketts & Fraher, 2013). As stated by Skylar, Hemmer, and Durning (2018), the theory of situated cognition attempts to correlate understanding with action and training.

Analysis of My Organization’s Response to the issue

Currently the institution has a program NNEI for nurses who are interested in furthering their education towards BSN-DNP if the facility requires them. For example, Nurse Practitioners are not accepted but DNP with a psych focus is accepted. As part of this program, the nurse must work two or three years for the facility after successfully graduating from the program. At the facility hiring is very difficult because of the many steps within the process, so this hinders the transition of many nurses into other roles and positions which causes a great deal of stress and dissatisfaction. The facility recently hired assistance for the nurse recruiter and human resources to assist with expediting the hiring process. There is also a LEAN program similar to the Purpose Wellbeing that provides training and education to employees and gives acknowledgment for being patient in the processes and great dedicated employees (Jacobs, McGovern, Heinmiller, & Drenkard, 2018).

Description of National Healthcare Issue


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Jacobs, B., McGovern, J., Heinmiller, J., & Drenkard, K. (2018). Engaging employees in well-being: Moving from the Triple Aim to the Quadruple Aim. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 42(3), 231–245. NURS 6053 Effects of Nursing Education on Healthcare Discussion.

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