NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay

NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay

NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay

Recruitment and Selection Plan

NURS 6221 Managing Human Resources

Part 1: Job Description Analysis

Explain the role of the nurse executive in developing job descriptions and why it represents an essential human resource management function.

Nurse executives have the primary responsibility for administering and managing patient care services. This function sees them oversee planning and development functions regarding procedures and policies. Although they do not have direct contact with patients, nurse executives shape policies related to nursing and health care. Which places them in a unique position to identify nurse personnel needs in terms of competencies and skills, and ensure that the facility has the right mix of nurse personnel. Besides that, they bear responsibility for the facility’s financial accountability, thus placing them in a unique position to determine the facility’s nurse personnel needs authoritatively. Also, they are responsible for establishing ongoing relationships with other nurse personnel to foster a cohesive work environment NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay. These responsibilities strategically position nurse executives to identify the nurse personnel needs of a facility (Finkelman, 2016).


Analyze the job description you have selected as the focus of your Assignment. Include the source of the job description and critique the job description for clarity and accuracy.

The job description under analysis was presented by Northwoods Surgery Center, located in Veterans Parkway, Woodruff, Wisconsin, for an operating room nurse. The report gave the licensing and certification requirements. Also, it offered the job summary, expected duties, and preferred qualifications for the candidates (Northwoods Surgery Center, n.d.). The description is detailed and practical since it offers a refined list of duties and requirements. In fact, it is accurate in defining the role and accountability, thus making the expectations clear. The responsibilities have been refined into fewer points with the tasks grouped into main responsibility areas that reflect personnel expectations at the moment NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay. To be more precise, it clarifies expectations, offers a basis for measuring job performance, defines the description of the role, and prevents arbitrary interpretation of role content and limits. Still, there is a need for greater clarity, particularly with regards to pay and grading systems to offer greater job clarity (Hunt, 2015).

Explain how well the job description defines the required employee attributes for the job and how it could be improved. If information is available, describe how the tasks and competencies associated with this job may have changed since the job description was conceived.

The job description has defined the personnel attributes for the job. Firstly, it has identified the certification and licensure requirements, a regulatory need that ensures the practice is regulated to ensure professionalism and protect patients. Secondly, it identifies the essential duties and responsibilities, thus clarifying expectations. Finally, it presents the preferred requirements for the candidates as qualities that increase their odds of getting hired (Hunt, 2015). As such, the job description offers a detailed definition of the required personnel attributes for the job.

There have been some changes in the responsibilities of operating room nurses since the Northwoods Surgery Center presented the job description. The facility does not include providing care to patients as operating nurse during al facets of the surgery processes such as before, during, and after surgery. Since then, there have been additional responsibilities that require operating room nurses to provide patient education and prepare the operating room equipment and instruments within a sterile field (Nursing Jobs, 2020) NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay.

Write a new or revised job description that reflects your analysis and which you would use for advertising the position and recruiting candidates for the job.

A revision is warranted for the job description for operating room nurses presented by Northwoods Surgery Center. The review would retain the primary responsibilities and add that they would have the responsibility of providing patient education, and prepare the operating equipment and instruments within a sterile field. Also, education and training requirements would be listed to include education programs, the duration of study, and practicing experience. Besides that, a salary and benefits quote should be included since this will help in identifying the facility as a competitive employer, thereby helping it attract the best talent (Nursing Jobs, 2020).

Explain how you would use social media and online job search technology to maximize presentation of the job description and reach a broader share of potential recruits.

Social media and online job search technology will be used to find and make connections with quality candidates. The two approaches help in reaching elusive passive candidates, finding great culture fits, filtering bad candidates, and saving money. Two different strategies would be applied. The first strategy targeted at social media recruiting would focus on participating in the right conversations, promoting the facility culture, targeting niche networks, involving personnel, and growing social media presence as a recruiter. The second strategy aimed at online job search technology, such as LinkedIn, would create and complete a brand page, use filters to find candidates, and reach out with a personal touch (Hunt, 2015) NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay.

Describe two examples of how jobs similar to your chosen position are presented to interested job seekers from the social media and online job sites you visit.

The first example is off M.P. Shah Hospital that presented a job advert on its Facebook page. The facility offers a description of its expectations of the successful candidate, job responsibilities, and how to apply (see Figure 1). The second example is off DaVita Medical Group that placed an advert for an operating room nurse on a LinkedIn page. The description includes the employment location, functions, responsibilities, preferred experience and credentials, and type of employment: full-time (see Figure 2).

Figure 1. Facebook page of job advert by M.P. Shah Hospital

Figure 2. LinkedIn page of job advert by DaVita Medical Group

Part 2: Interview and Selection Plan

Describe the ideal candidate for this job, and explain the sources of information you would use in evaluating applicants.

Five skills would be assessed during the interview process to identify the ideal candidate. The first skill is the ability to work as part of a team. The operating room is a dynamic and complex environment requiring the operating room team members to share the traits of anticipation, organization, respect, and good communication. Another skill includes the possession of excellent communicating abilities. The operating room is a high-stress environment, and it is not uncommon for tensions to run high. Operating room nurses working in these environments must be able to communicate effectively with other team members in a professional and calm demeanor. Communication skills are also useful in easing the fears of family members and educating the patients. The third skill is organization. An operating room nurse must be very organized concerning charting and organizing actions and supplies to ensure the best outcomes throughout the surgical procedure. The ideal candidate must be able to find surgical medical and items quickly, and this is not possible unless the individual is highly organized. The fourth skill is attention to detail. The ideal candidate should be detail-oriented, knowing the location of everything and monitoring them. This requires the ability to pay attention to small details and the overall picture, and always staying alert to the needs of the team, equipment, and patient NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay. The final skill of critical thinking and problem-solving. The ideal candidate should be confident and capable of making critical decisions as well as being an excellent problem solver. The individual must be able to judge, evaluate, and respond appropriately and quickly to changing situations (Crawley, Swailes & Walsh, 2013; Finkelman, 2016).

Explain an overview of your process to identify and select that candidate.

Who within the healthcare organization would be involved in the interview process, and why

Since hiring is a significant decision, there is a need for an intelligent and robust hiring team that can implement an effective hiring process. The first member is the hiring manager who administers the whole hiring process. This individual is responsible for interviewing, screening, communication, and decision making with other team members for the recruitment process. The second member is the HR manager, who is responsible for creating a well-organized and professional process. This individual offers administrative support and acts as a link between the team and the candidate to deliver sound decisions. Also, this individual acts as a neutral party when negotiating salary and benefits. The third member is the direct reporting manager who knows all about the requirements and workings department to which the new personnel will be added. This individual can judge if the candidate has the required abilities. Given that this individual is likely to supervise the candidate if successful, then it is only fair for the individual to evaluate the candidates. The final member is the nurse executive who evaluates the candidates for skills and knowledge (Crawley, Swailes & Walsh, 2013).

Pre-interview guidance and preparation for interviewers and recruits

Pre-screening the candidates before the interview in order to identify those not meeting the basic requirements.  Such as the position terms of salary requirements, willingness to relocate, education, and work experience. Identifying this occurs through three approaches. The first approach is to evaluate the application and review resumes. The second approach is to conduct telephone interviews, an initial phone conversation that offers information on the candidate’s professionalism, attitude, ability to listen, sense of humor, and communication skills. The third approach is social media and online searches that present private information on the individual to include a snapshot of the candidate’s professional persona, employment status, volunteer activities, organization alignments, and social values (Ozbiglin, Groutsis & Harvey, 2014).

How interview outcomes would be compiled, and how differences in interview ratings would be resolved

Interview outcomes will be collected using scorecards. Through using standardized interview questions, it becomes possible to develop a single scorecard that will be used on all the candidates. Also, a section on comments will be included in which the interview team members will write down their feedback. The interview outcomes will be determined based on average scores. In case of differences in interview ratings, justifications for the ratings will be discussed before settling on the final candidate (Ozbiglin, Groutsis & Harvey, 2014) NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay.

List five essential questions you would ask in an interview to evaluate key employee characteristics for this job. For each question, explain what you would look and listen for in the candidate’s response.

The questions would be presented in three groups. The first group is operational and situational questions. These questions are intended to evaluate attention to detail and critical thinking. The two questions to be asked are:

  • Suppose you were asked to prepare for an operation for which you have no experience. What would you do?
  • What are the three questions you would ask a patient before surgery?

The second group is role-specific questions the evaluate a nurse’s understanding of the circulating and scrub roles. The two questions to be asked are:

  • Why is it essential to conduct surgical skin preparation?
  • What are the legal aspects of an OR nurse?

The third group is people behavioral questions that evaluate people skills. The question to ask is:

  • Tell me about a time when you had a panicked and anxious patient. How did you calm the patient?

Explain how you would measure a candidate and assess the recruit’s fitness for the position.

Candidates who present for the interview are those who are determined as having the professional qualifications for the job. The interview goes on to evaluate them for operational and situational competence, role-specific capacity, and behavioral competence. Also, they would be assessed for five skills. The first skill is cultural competence that evaluates the ability to provide care to patients with various behaviors, beliefs, and values. The second skill is the flexibility that assesses openness to learn new things and the ability to tolerate a change in response to the rapidly changing practice environment. The third skill is positivity, that assesses a nurse’s ability to maintain a positive attitude. The fourth skill is emotional intelligence that evaluates the ability to work in teams collaboratively and effectively deal with conflicts. The final qualification is passion that assesses attitude towards work tasks (Hunt, 2015). NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay


Crawley, E., Swailes, S. & Walsh, D. (2013). Introduction to international human resource management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Finkelman, A. (2016). Leadership and management for nurses: core competencies for quality care (3rd ed.). London: Pearson Education.

Hunt, D. (2015). The nurse professional: leveraging your education for transition into practice. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

Northwoods Surgery Center (n.d.). Operating room nurse (RN) – job description. Retrieved from

Nursing Jobs (2020). Operating room (OR) nurse jobs and salary.

Ozbiglin, M., Groutsis, D. & Harvey, W. (2014). International human resource management. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. NURS 6221 Recruitment and Selection Plan Nursing Essay


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