Oncology Unit Reflective Narration

Oncology Unit Reflective Narration

One of the most significant issues I encountered during of the course of the week is the existing disparities in various aspects of cancer such as death rates, higher rates of advanced cancer diagnoses, less frequent use of proven screening test in specific populations is an area in which progress has not been at par. I noted health disparities existed in African American women compared to women from other ethnicĀ  backgrounds where they have a higher incidence of suffering from specific aggressive form of breast cancer. Also, I noted Asians and pacific islanders have higher incidences of suffering liver cancer compared to other races. Lastly, there are higher rates of prostate cancer incidences as well as death among African American compared to men from other races.

New technology in cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death in women globally, which has necessitated the need to innovate the new technologies to help in screening, diagnosis and treatment. In the course of my practice this week I came through an incredible technology the unit is planning of purchasing once it has been approved to help in the screening of cervical cancer. Pocket Colposcope developed by Duke University produces images on a smart phone; the slender wand can be connected to other devices apart from the Smartphone. The devices if adopted will make it possible for women to make self-screen and have significant benefits on the treatment and diagnosis of cervical cancer (Science Daily, 2017).


Science Daily. (2017). New Tech Promises Easier Cervical Cancer Screening. Retrieved January 29, 2018, from Science Daily: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170531151035.htm.

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