Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

The purpose of this Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example assignment is to develop your personal teaching philosophy statement. This will be included in your e-portfolio to be submitted at the end of this course.
Begin by researching a developed teaching philosophy and use the information to shape your own philosophy.
In 250-500 words, develop a personal teaching philosophy statement that includes your beliefs on the purpose of education, how students learn, how your beliefs facilitate learning, the role of the nurse educator, and how you plan to implement this philosophy to grow as an educator as you seek to integrate the nurse educator competencies into your professional practice.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Statement of Teaching Philosophy

The purpose of a Statement of Teaching Philosophy is not only to put your individual goals as an educator on paper, but to also enhance your likelihood of commandeering a job as an educator. First and foremost, the main goal behind putting your philosophy on paper is to remind you why you want to be an educator. Sometimes we have outside interference in our lives that can affect our goals and passions and this would serve as a little reminder as to why we want to be educators Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. In other words, a teaching philosophy is a goal-oriented statement. Included in a statement of teaching philosophy should be your own personal goals as an educator, what methods you plan to use while teaching, why you plan to use those methods and how you will evaluate yourself and your methods. Overall, your personal statement of teaching philosophy will change as you do over time. As you learn more and more through experience, you will end up altering your views and goals on being an educator.

When I take a minute to jot down my fundamental beliefs about both learning and teaching, I see a direct correlation between the two. The commonality is that students need to be engaged in any lesson in the greatest capacity possible in order for the teaching to be effective. As for my beliefs about learning, I believe that students have a much higher success rate when they are in more of a “hands-on” learning environment. For example, from my own experience in an elementary setting; students who are lectured and then told to do an exercise tend to be less interested or do not know what to do when given the paper to do their work. However, when the students “learn” along with the teacher during the lesson, students have a much higher success rate when left on their own to do the activity. As for my beliefs about teaching, I have a hard time believing that educators enjoy lecturing students instead of working with them to help them understand a specific topic and or exercise. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. Personally, I believe in order to keep teaching fresh and prevent from getting in a routine considering education changes daily, I would constantly be looking for new ways to convey information and skills to students.

The fundamental values I would want to pass along to my students would be positive attitudes and their purpose for learning. First and foremost, conveying positive attitudes can do nothing but create an encouraging atmosphere around the classroom. If students are encouraged to be positive, this could lead into the successfulness of the “hands-on” learning environment. How these two go together is quite simple. If a student doesn’t understand even with the “hands-on” learning strategy, there will not only be the educators to help the child, but they would not feel embarrassed or ashamed asking a peer to help them better understand the material. When it comes to letting them know the purposes for learning, I would instill that in them by teaching them life skills along with educational skills. Those two types of skills essentially go hand in hand throughout life. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. As a student, I learned the English language and then eventually learned speech and people skills as I went on throughout my education.

Teaching to me means educating the younger generations in order to facilitate as successful of a future planet as possible. I understand that I will not be on this planet forever; therefore I feel the need to convey as much positive educational information to our younger generations as possible. Teaching also means shaping the minds of these children to become the best possible people they can be and enable them to make the biggest contribution they can to this planet as well. Personally working with a child one on one right now I can not only see the differences that one person can make in another’s life and this is the main reason why teaching means what it does to me. I honestly believe that without teaching or education this world would be a disaster. Education has been the one solid constant throughout the history of our country and it takes a special person to be a teacher. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example.

In conclusion, education is full of different theories and philosophies, however the key factor in all of them is whether or not they are successful for you. This is the reason why creating your own philosophy of teaching is most ideal. There is no benefit from using other educator’s ideas and beliefs. We are all different therefore all share different views on education and how things should be taught. While we may get ideas from certain places, our philosophy should be our own without much if any influence. Education is an ever changing part of life in which there is ever changing educators educating our youth. These youth will one day go on and take our place, it is a never ending cycle that will forever evolve and it’s our duty to do our part and give what we can to our younger generations. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example.

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

Philosophy is in everything that we do. Dealing with parents and other.

Attitudes in life reflects your philosophy

Philosophy in Education includes this concepts:

–        Human person

–        True and good that needs to be taught

I believe that every child has a natural interest in learning and is capable of learning is an embodied spirit can be influenced but not totally by his/her environment is unique and so comparing a child to other children has no basis. I believe that my task as a teacher is to facilitate the development of every child to optimum and to the maximum. I believe that education is an individual, unique experience for every student who enters a classroom. In order for children to benefit from what schools offer, I think that teachers must fully understand the importance of their job. First, I believe that teachers must consider teaching to be a lifestyle, not a mere forty-hour-a-week job, because a teacher’s goals for his/her students encompass much more than relaying out-of-context facts to passive students. As professionals entrusted with the education of young minds, teachers must facilitate learning and growth academically, personally, and ethically. By providing a quality education to each individual in one’s classroom, a teacher equips children with the tools necessary for success in life.  I think that teaching and learning are a reciprocal processes. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. When teachers nurture individual talents in each child, educators can build self-esteem and may encourage a lifelong skill. By supporting these special abilities, teachers can, for example, guide students’ research, and students can, in turn, enlighten teachers about subjects in which they may not be as knowledgeable. This mutual respect for individual skills cultivates a professional academic relationship, leading to a give-and-take educational alliance. This liaison allows students to feel that they are on equal intellectual ground with their teachers, thus creating a strong academic atmosphere. In choosing to become a teacher, I have made the commitment to myself and my future students to be the best academic, personal, and ethical role model I can be Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. It is my goal to have a mutually enriching teaching career by keeping an open mind and continually communicating with my peers and students. I am prepared to rise to the challenges of teaching in the 21st century, and I promise to try to provide an honest, well-rounded education to every student I encounter.

The Foundational Principles of Morality and You

“Even on your worst day on the job, you are still some children’s best hope.”

Morality- “The quality of human acts by” The quality of human acts by which we call them right or which we call them right or wrong, good or evil“ wrong, good or evil“

–        Your human action is right when it conforms with the norm, rule or, law of morality, otherwise it is said to be wrong.

PRINCEPS – a beginning a source

PRINCIPLES – is that on which something is based

founded originated initiate

The term “morality” can be used either

–        descriptively to refer to some codes of conduct put forward by a society or, some other group, such as a religion, or accepted by an individual for her own behavior or

–  normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons

Moral Principles of Education

–        The teacher needs to understand public opinion and the social order, as much as the public needs to comprehend the nature of expert educational service. – John Dewey

Teachers as Role Models

  • Teachers were expected to be morally upright individuals who displayed good character
  • They were expected to teach and discipline students
  • The public expects teachers to display behaviors such as
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Adherence

7 Philosophies of Education

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

What are your beliefs about teaching?

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

Behind every school and every teacher is a set of related beliefs–a philosophy of education–that influences what and how students are taught. A philosophy of education represents answers to questions about the purpose of schooling, a teacher’s role, and what should be taught and by what methods. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example.

Essentialism focuses on teaching the essential elements of academic and moral knowledge. Essentialists urge that schools get back to the basics; they believe in a strong core curriculum and high academic standards.

  • Perennialism focuses on the universal truths that have withstood the test of time. Perennialists urge that students read the Great Books and develop their understanding of the philosophical concepts that underlie human knowledge.
  • Progressivism is based largely on the belief that lessons must be relevant to the students in order for them to learn. The curriculum of a progressivist school is built around the personal experiences, interests, and needs of the students Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example.
  • Social Reconstructionist separated from progressivism because they desired more direct and immediate attention to societal ills. They are interested in combining study and social action, and believe that education can and should go hand in hand with ameliorating social problems.
  • Existentialism is derived from a powerful belief in human free will, and the need for individuals to shape their own futures. Students in existentialist classrooms control their own education. Students are encouraged to understand and appreciate their uniqueness and to assume responsibility for their actions.

The 21st Century Teacher

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

The 21st century educator looks forward to the future. They are aware of the ever-changing trends in technology and are in tune of what the future may bring to education. A good 21stcentury teacher is aware of the career opportunities that will be in the coming years for their students, and are always advocating towards forward thinking and planning to ensure all students will not be left behind. Lastly, the 21st century educator must use teaching strategies to ensure that the focus in education is on preparing today’s children for the future of where they will live and where they will work, not for our current world. The 21st century teacher is one that moves right along with it. Technology in the classroom, whether it’s for lessons, assignments, or grading, can help students learn better and faster, and help make a teacher’s time more effective. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. A 21st century teacher does not have to have a class set of tablets in every child’s hand, or the latest smart board. But they can have a nice balance of educational tools in their classroom. An effective teacher knows what technology in the classroom can truly help transform their students’ education. They know what the best tools are, and how and when to use them. An effective 21st century educator must be able to collaborate and work well in a team. Working with others is an important 21st century skill. Over the past few years, being able to collaborate effectively in the workplace has grown quite rapidly. Learning is deemed to be more effective when you can share your ideas and knowledge with others. Sharing your expertise and experience, communicating and learning from others, and being able to self-reflect is an important part of the learning and teaching process. The 21st century educator is a lifelong learner Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. They don’t just expect their students to be lifelong learners, but they too stay current and on top of what’s new in education. Even though they may still use the same lesson plan from years before, they know how to change it to keep up-to-date with what is current. A great educator will not only embrace technology, but be willing to learn more about it. It’s a critical time in education and how it and teachers are being perceived. With the common core being implemented and judged, the teaching profession is being met with a close eye now more than ever before. Instead of sitting back, a 21st century takes a stand for themselves and advocates for their profession. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. They pay close attention to the important issues and talk about them with their community. They keep parents and students informed on what’s going on in education and address on issues head on.

21st Century learning means teaching just as you have done in the past centuries, but with way better tools.  Today’s teachers have a great advantage, they have powerful learning tools at their disposal that they didn’t have before. 21st Century technology is an opportunity for students to acquire more knowledge. Teachers have the ability to move away from being the dispenser of information to someone who can guide them and prepare them for their future Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example. Ultimately, the 21st century learner will be “learner-driven,” where they choose how and what they want to learn. The teacher will serve as a facilitator and guide to help embrace 21stcentury learning.

The National Competency-Based Teacher

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example

  • An integrated theoretical framework that defines the different dimensions of effective teaching
  • Where effective teaching means being able to help all types of students learn the different learning goals in the curriculum.
  • all aspects of a teacher’s professional life and in all phases of teacher development
  • Standardizes the definition of what effective teaching is.
  • It provides a better guide for all teacher development programs and projects from school level up to the national level.
  • Various stakeholders and institutions use the NCBTS in their roles to maintain quality education through effecting teaching and learning. Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example.

Personal teaching philosophy statement essay example



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