A poem analysis essay is also known as a poem review. It involves the study of the figures of speech and language used by a poet. Every good poet has a unique writing style that cannot be imitated. Mastering the art of analyzing poems will help you find significant meanings in simple things and enhance figurative thinking. Here is a guide on how to write a poem analysis essay.

Writing a good poem analysis essay requires you to read between the lines. You will also need to break down the poetic devices utilized by the poet to give a great personal review of the poem. Remember to do background research on the poet and the story behind the poem to understand why the poet came up with that particular piece.

What is a poem analysis essay?

A poem analysis essay is an extensive review and reflection on a poem’s depth and gravity. This includes the poem’s subject matter, theme, and the use of literary devices. A poem literary analysis essay also involves the review of the emotions that the poet evokes in the piece.

Poem analysis outline

A poem analysis essay outline includes an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Before you embark on writing your review, you must organize the thoughts, feelings, and statements that you want to express.

Poem analysis essay introduction

The poetry analysis essay introduction paragraph should be smart and simple with a brilliant hook to catch the audience’s attention. It includes crucial information such as the name of the poem and poet and other details such as the date of publication. Remember to state your thesis to finish the poem analysis introduction part.

Poem analysis essay body

Here is the second part of the poem analysis essay structure. Here, you can explore your main ideas, comparisons, and explanations in a more focused way. Ensure to devote each paragraph to one feature, point, or explanation. Be simple, clear, and concise with your statements. Remember to explore the internet and find poetry analysis essay prompt to learn better.

Poem analysis essay conclusion

Start your poem comparison analysis essay conclusion by paraphrasing your thesis statement. Then, the individual elements of the poem bring forth one simple yet powerful main idea. Finally, finish your essay with an exciting, thought-provoking question or statement about the poem.

How to select poem analysis essay topics

Choosing a poem analysis topic depends on the theme you want to write about. You will need to pay attention to the notion and concepts of the piece, which will help you find the best themes to explore. Here are some of the best poem analysis essay topics you can choose for your assignment:

  • Daddy Poem Analysis
  • Caged Bird Poem Analysis
  • Invictus Poem Analysis
  • If Poem Analysis
  • Harlem Poem Analysis
  • Digging Poem Analysis

A guide on how to analyze a poem

Poem title

Evaluate the title and determine how it connects with the poem. Ideally, titles give significant clues about the theme or message of the poem. Other times, the title might be in opposition or ironic to the message in the poem. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Does the title immediately impact how you view the poem?
  • Does the title give a clear picture of a particular setting, time frame, or action?
  • Does the title imply multiple possibilities?

Literary analysis of the poem

Carefully read your poem at least two times, once to yourself and then aloud to your friends. You can even display a video of someone else reading the poem or play a recording of the same. Once done, discuss with your friends their immediate impressions and feelings, whether positive or negative.

Poem structure

A poem analysis essay structure can give you much information about the poem. Pay attention to the organization and evaluate the section. What does each section discuss? How do these sections relate to each other? Understanding the poem analysis format will help you understand the poem more clearly, which will make your analysis exercise much more effortless.


It is crucial that you evaluate the poem’s intonation to understand the mood or attitude that the poet aims to convey. For example, some poems can be grieving or brooding, while others are rhythmic with a song-like cadence. Explore the characters’ attitudes and analyze the impact of different words on the audience.


So, what was the writer’s intention in writing that particular poem? Perhaps they wanted to warn, inspire, educate or entertain. Well, the poem’s theme can help you understand the purpose of the poem better. The poem’s time frame is an essential factor to consider. The poem might have been created to address a specific issue at a particular time, such as a political issue in a country.

How to write a poem analysis essay

Handling an AP poetry analysis essay might sound tough. However, once you learn all the fundamentals, you will enjoy handling such tasks like a pro. Fortunately, you can always find a short poem analysis example on the internet to guide you through. In addition, here are other guidelines to help you:

Before anything, read the poem carefully

It is essential that you read the poem carefully to fully understand the various concepts and ideas. It will also help you grasp the rhyme scheme (if any), the poem type, and the poetic devices and techniques that the poet employed.

Understand and dissect the theme or message of the poem

Your poem’s theme is its central message, topic, or subject. Evaluating the theme is an incredible way to start your analysis, dissect everything and understand what your poem is about. The best way to understand your poem is by learning about its main idea. This could be anything, including love, nature, loss, patriotism, etc.

Understand the context of your poem

Analyzing the context of your poem is the basis of the comprehension of the entire poem. Pay attention to the poet’s background and life experiences that can impact the interpretation. Understanding the poet’s life can give you a better understanding of a particular point of view.

Always pick a side from the several theories you have created

Generally, people will have varying ideas of the message the poet is trying to put across. Unless the message is clearly defined, you might want to have numerous possibilities of the poet’s message. You can then pick the side that offers the utmost validation or carries the most weight in your poem comparison analysis essay.

Poem analysis essay example

If you want to learn how to write a winning poem analysis essay, the internet is a great place to start. You can always find a sample poem analysis essay to learn from. This could be the black berry picking poem analysis essay, the poem analysis essay hope is thing with feathers. Besides out top custom essay writing service writers are ready to help. Tell our support please write my essay now.

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