Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay

Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay

What are specific actions that health professionals can take regardless of their practice area and site to promote population and community health?


Population and Community Health Promotion

Specific actions that health professionals can take regardless of their practice area and site to promote population and community health

Planning and implementation Health education programs

Health education is a major approach for implementation of disease prevention and health promotion programs.  Health professionals can plan and implement health education programs to offer education to populations and communities on how they can become responsible for their development and protection of their health all their lives. Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay According to Kabasakal and Kublay (2017), health education, which provides structured learning opportunities, partly includes communication approaches projected at promoting health literacy practices, like the increase in the levels of knowledge along with the advancement of life skills to assist improve community and individual health.

Health care education can be offered through sharing of information, as well as motivating and encouraging trust and certain skills, which are influential in bringing improvement to the health of people Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay. Kabasakal and Kublay (2017) state that if health care professionals working in institutions that offer primary health care have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to promote health, they can inform communities by counselling them about appropriate lifestyle behaviors that promote health.

Getting involved assessment of community needs and health planning  

Community health planning starts with health professional diagnoses. Health professionals design goals aimed at resolving potential or existing health concerns.  Recognition of potential or specific health issues with premeditated action to attain anticipated outcomes offers the data and framework for community needs assessment.  As Edelman, et al (2017) indicate, community involvement in health planning enables effectual assignment of priorities. As recipients of health services, community members endeavor for services that are high-quality and reasonably priced. Residents intend to attain suitable benefits for the concerns and needs of the populations. Health planning highlights the promotion and protection of population health and thus the definition of problems, actions, and solutions occur at the group level. Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay.

Planned change is as a result of efforts by groups and individuals and entails fundamental changes in behavior. Individuals function as agents of their personal health conditions and community health goals usually relay on dynamic decisions to alter their lifestyles. Endeavors to impact and reinforce transformations in community health behavior is the emphasis of effectual risk reduction programs. According to Edelman et al (2017), promotion of community health via risk reduction programs entails community members become more responsible of their personal health, becoming more active in the adoption of healthy lifestyles, and monitoring resources within the community to accomplish healthy behaviors Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay.

Advocating for social change

Health professionals can advocate for policies that can improve social conditions which influence the health of disadvantaged and poor populations.   Economically and socially disadvantaged populations have a less likelihood of being in good health, less likelihood to access quality healthcare services and a high likelihood of dying prematurely compared to economically and socially advantaged populations. According to Williams et al (2018), economically and socially disadvantaged populations are greatly affected by public policy and can thus gain from policies intended at improving social conditions that influence health. Nurses, physicians, and other health professionals can advocate for the proper social policies to promote fairness, justice and health parity and adequately, addresses social determinants of health.

Health professionals have an influential voice and can s articulate on the health effects of social challenges to inspire wider policy responses and impact what goes onto the local agenda. As Andermann (2016) alleges, health professionals can participate in activism through supporting political parties and social movements that lobby for affordable childcare, progressive taxation, basic income, along with other measures to lessen health disparities. they can undertake locally pertinent research and utilize data on social determinants intercede in their personal context in a better way and produce evidence as a pedal for advocacy. Williams et al (2018) claim that the appropriate policies and right interventions can interpose the cycle of disadvantage, poor health, and poverty. Evidence-based, effectual policies can result in healthier communities and tackle inability to access material and social resources that act as the source of health inequities Population & Community Health Promotion Sample Essay.




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