psychiatric health paper

Experiences on the psychiatric floor provided essential knowledge on the importance of treating patients with dignity. Health care delivery became significant on the psychiatric floor owing to the nature of various patients. It was essential to note that many patients required nursing assistance and critical care was important to ensure patients did not harm each other or themselves. In the psychiatric floor, my resilience and patience was tested, as this was the hardest experience to master. However, I feel that there was growth in the way I deal with patients, other medical professionals and family. psychiatric health paper.

The psychiatric department calls for collaboration between professionals in the medical world, and the nurse plays a critical role. The doctors and psychiatrists visit with the patient during specific hours of the day. However, nurses give full day care to the patients, especially those that pose a threat to themselves. Moreover, their family and friends often misunderstand some patients in the psychiatric floor. The nurse, however, has an opportunity to understand the patient and guide their family through the bonding process; furthermore, the nurses are important companions for psychiatric patients, especially those within the facility for a long time.

The role of technology in managing psychiatric health is important. The experience taught me that there is a big opportunity to apply technology in psychiatric care. For example, equipment can allow institutions to track patient’s location and ensure their safety. Furthermore, leadership plays a significant role in running the psychiatric floor. A leader with a vision drives the department towards continuous improvement but a leader without drive will only offer bare minimum care to the patients. It is essential for leaders in the psychiatric wards to unite and coordinate all professionals involved in the life of the patients. Proper leadership and management results to desirable patient outcomes. psychiatric health paper.

The experience in psychiatric ward created a shift in patient care perspective. It introduced me to the importance of good leadership, sound ethics and top-notch healthcare methods. A psychiatric department calls for dedications from all healthcare providers and requires collaboration to produce results. psychiatric health paper

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