Rights of psychiatrist’s patients

Any clinical practice needs to observe a given ethical, practical and legal procedure in admitting its patients. Mental healthcare organization such as a psychiatric organization needs to define the rights to decision making, right to information, right to consent and right to refuse treatment by its patients. It has been found out scientifically that there are drugs that are given to mentally ill people depending on their disorder to reduce their condition. These drugs are not provided for free by hospitals. In case, there is nobody close to taking care of these people then they might not get to buy these drugs because they usually have no income to afford the drugs. Being close to these mental people can help them to gain access to these. For example, in case I am taking care of one person suffering from the psychotic disorder, and then I can buy drugs for him so that he may not be affected very much by his condition. The government can also get involved in this action by subsidizing these medications so that they can be easily accessible to mentally ill. Rights of psychiatrist’s patients.

Psychotic patients are also humans only that they are ill. They can be taken care of but with a good plan. These patients also have a right to shelter and attention. Rights of psychiatrist’s patients. This can be done by creating a home for mentally ill people. This home can be designed in such a way that they will be able to be supplied with all the essential needs. Many people have opposed the procedure of putting mentally ill people in one place arguing that it is against the human rights. This is because these patients are settled in one place like solitude. However, this is the best way to take care of them because in case they are on their own in the society then it will be hard for them to acquire the basic needs.The other justification for having a close relationship is that the community neglects mentally ill people at times and some undergo some of the criminal act from people such as rape. Many sick mentally women have been found to be pregnant whereas they are not in any relationships. Rights of psychiatrist’s patients

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