Seasonal allergies and congestive heart failure essay

Consider this scenario:
Mr. Johnson is a 70 year male patient who is seen in your office for seasonal allergies and congestive heart failure. He denies chest pain, but does admit to tightness when he breathes. Mr. Johnson says he was admitted to the hospital last month with pneumonia.


Today, he is complaining of chest congestion with a productive cough. His vital signs are BP-168/100, P-120, R-24, T-101.3F.

Mr. Johnson has an Albuterol inhaler he uses for his asthma and he takes an ACE inhibitor for congestive heart failure.
What are some of your concerns for this patient? What may be causing his chest congestion? Do you think he has an infectious illness? Why or why not? Make sure you include sources in APA format in your response. Include sources in APA citation in your response.

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