Easy guide to synthesis essay: How to write a synthesis essay

Writing a brilliant synthesis essay can be fun and challenging at the same time. As a learner, you can stare at that blank sheet without a desire or clue to write. When it comes to accomplishing your essay assignment, you can go through many stages of despair. Searching for gripping arguments, proper formatting, or the thoughts of failing are obstacles to writing synthesis essays.

If you lack inspiration or time to write a synthesis essay, proper planning or seeking professional help is advisable. And if getting better grades is the ultimate goal, mastering the craft should be a priority. The guide provides helpful information to enable you to write an outstanding synthetic essay.

What is a synthesis essay?

Ideally, the word synthesis refers to the combination or composition of components to form a whole. So, what is a synthesis paper? And how long should a synthesis essay be?

A simple synthesis essay definition is a formation of ideas discussed in written form and backed up by appropriate evidence. Synthesis writing, therefore, helps learners to develop logical thinking. The length of a synthesis paper depends on the lecturer and the given topic.

More facts and ideas are required to protect your argument. In addition to extensive research, you must know how to present your writing orderly and understandably. Organizing your opinions help the reader gain clarity and understanding.

Synthesis Essay Types

Synthesis essays are an essential part of your academic. These essays allow you to think critically, hone your research skills, articulate your thoughts through writing, and consider different perceptions. Synthesis essays are categorized into significant types: argumentative and explanatory essays. Let us further explore these essay types.

Argumentative Vs Explanatory Essay

Argumentative synthesis essay

In this type of essay, you are provided with various resources to help you have a stand and defend your arguments. You will be provided with appropriate references, and you will find a topic to suit your position. Sharp critical analysis skills are the required components to help you craft a winning argumentative synthesis essay.

For an influential paper, critically analyze the provided sources. Take notes of the points or themes argued by the author. Then, create a compelling topic develop a thesis statement and your position.

Explanatory synthesis essay

An explanatory synthesis essay provides a detailed explanation of an event that is happening or has happened. This synthesis essay example creates vital information about the chosen topic objectively and comprehensively. The critical point to ponder is that this form of synthesis writing should never be biased.

As you write an explanatory essay, ensure you select a unique but relevant topic. Next, choose a topic where you can access factual data easily. And finally, have clarity and structure. This way, the flow of ideas will be flawless.

Synthesis essay structure

Like any other academic essay, a synthesis essay follows a structure that helps you articulate your idea. The format allows you to plan and organize your opinions systematically. Every aspect of your synthesis essay structure should also be precise.

Understanding the topic

The first of crafting a brilliant synthesis paper is understanding the topic. First, read through the provided resource to deduce what the author wants. Then, note the critical points to help you form your thesis statements.


You can only write after gaining clarity of what is needed of you. Make sure your paper follows the basic synthesis essay outline of introduction, body, and conclusion. Argue your ideas and opinions precisely and back up the information with evidence.


Submitting an error-free and 0% plagiarized paper should be your goal. To achieve this, you must proofread your work to rectify all grammar and punctuation mistakes. In addition, you can give a third party to read your paper for a fair judgment before submitting it.

Synthesis Outline


Synthesis essay introduction is the gateway to your essay. It gives the reader a glimpse of your ideas, and they can decide whether to read the paper or not. So, this is where the hook is.

“Although AI has brought massive changes in the business world, the use of this sophisticated system is in a way limiting human creativity.”


Segment your body into two or three paragraphs to argue your points. Each part demonstrates your critical thinking ability. The first paragraph counter-argues the synthesis essay thesis statement, while subsequent sections should offer a supporting argument. Ensure your synthesis essay is rich with relevant evidence.


The summary, which is the last step in writing a synthesis paragraph, should end with a strong sentence. Ensure you restate your main points and get to address unclear points. However, do not introduce a new idea; instead, recap your thesis statement. Besides, be short and precise!

How to write a synthesis essay

Most students find it challenging how to write a synthesis essay AP. But whether you are writing an argumentative or explanatory synthesis essay, you must take a stand. But as you make your position clear, you must back up your ideas with credible sources. So if you’re wondering how to start a synthesis essay

  • Choose a topic – Pick something you can write comfortably and access resources like peer-reviewed journals.
  • Conduct research- A synthesis essay is all about research. Occasionally, your lecture gives you instructions about the research sources where you can obtain relevant information. If not, you can gather data from magazines, books, or reliable online sources.
  • Create an outline- An excellent outline helps you craft an ideal essay quickly.
  • Write your essay- With research resources at hand, a good understanding of the topic, and an outline, nothing will stop you from writing an effective synthesis paper.

Uses of synthesis in writing

Synthesis involves you digesting the information then creating meaningful answers. It allows you to expand the conversation by injecting new ideas. Theses of synthesis in writing will enable you to define the topic, discuss the concept coherently, and then apply a hypothetical situation. Then use different theories backed up by evidence.

Tips for an effective synthesis essay

  • Clear idea- Understand your goal and have a clear essay structure.
  • Choose an appropriate approach – There are various techniques for tackling your paper. And remember, every approach has its pros and limitations.
  • Be flexible – Open your mind and explore extra facts. Give room for modifications and more points to enhance your synthesis essay.
  • Re-read and edit- Make a point of reading your essay twice or more before submitting it. Check if there are mistakes that may lower your grade.
  • Read widely- The best synthesis paper writer is a good reader. So rummage through websites and read some samples to gain insights.

Synthesis essay example

Topic: Does Technology Make People Less Social?”

“Technologies are playing critical roles in all life facets. With the emergence of social media platforms, social interactions have increased. However, are you truly connecting with real friends? Although technology should make us connect more, it creates a ripple of loneliness and low self-esteem.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology research shows that friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn aren’t real. They only show support through likes and tags. This can lead to loneliness as you feel more isolated.”

Synthesis essay topics

There is an infinite list of synthesis essay topics in all life spheres.

  • How is modern technology widening the gap between the poor and rich?
  • How is AI used for resilience and sustainability?
  • Is cryptocurrency a fallacy?
  • Should education be free?
  • What is the impact of homeschooling?
  • Is global warming a lie?
  • How is global warming affecting the Monarch Butterfly life cycle?
  • Why is the role of advanced technologies on mental health?

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