The Affordable Care Act Paper

The Affordable Care Act Paper

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Identify what are the specific provisions within the mandate that will directly impact the delivery of care.

  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) seeks to contribute to the expansion of the healthcare coverage relating to the patients (Hall, & Allhoff, 2014). Some of the provisions of The Affordable Care Act include overhauling of the individual insurance market resulting to the various laws and regulating the conduction of different professionals in the health sector. The provisions required that the illegal immigrants remain unsecured while all the insurers were required not to deny any person who is eligible to be covered. Also, ACA’s provisions included the expansion of the Medicaid suggesting that the delivery of services relating to health were made more effective. Also, the provision to reduce the health care costs resulted in a large number seeking medical attention when there is the need. Therefore, delivery of health services is consistent, and it is made in a manner by which most of the individuals are in a position to enjoy high-quality healthcare services (Selker, & Wasser, 2014).  Therefore, it is evident that these provisions improved the health sector considering matters to do with delivery of services and how to care for the clients even after there are discharged.

Discuss one key challenge that you anticipate facing in advanced practice as a result of one of the provisions

However, with the overhauling of the individual insurance market, there exists a challenge that relates to increased costs that are meant to control the payment of the insurance premiums and observe whether the new regulations are followed. In other words, there are higher chances that the more costs will be earned when seeking to control and monitor the adherence to the laws and policies that have been set by the government.  Therefore, the revenue earned by the government from these proceedings will reduce and tend to affect the economy. Therefore, it is evident that as much as the ACA’s provisions led to benefits, there are also some cases of challenges.


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