The Impact Of Neglect And Maltreatment On The Developing Child

The Impact Of Neglect And Maltreatment On The Developing Child

Please consider what you know about Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model, risk and protective factors at different levels of the model, AND attachment theory. Please cite your textbook (Berger, Kathleen S. (2011). The Developing Person through the Lifespan. Worth Publishers: NY, NY. 9 th Edition ISBN: 9781429283816), course readings, and any other sources you use in APA-style and provide a reference page. (I will upload 2 course reading you may need)


You are a student of child development and a family member has asked your advice about adopting a three-year-old child out of the foster care system.  She does not know very much about the child’s history, except that she was removed from her mother as an infant and has been in 3 different foster care situations.  Primarily, this potential adoptive mother is concerned that the child may not form a bond with her.


Provide advice to a potential adopter from a developmental point of view.  You must include the following:

1. What should a potential adopter understand about how early trauma or neglect impacts child development? How can they best support the child’s development? (Worth up to 15 points based on how well your advice is grounded in the reading and lecture.)

2. In the course of your paper, clearly explain one level of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological model and why it is a relevant way to think about development in this situation (up to 5 points)

3. In the course of your paper CLEARLY DEFINE & DESCRIBE Attachment Theory (up to 5 points)

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