Vulnerable Population Haitian immigrants

In a two- to three-page critical thinking paper:

Select one the following vulnerable populations:

High-risk mothers and infants
Chronically ill and disabled
Persons living with HIV/AIDS
Mentally Ill and Disabled
Alcohol or Substance Abusers
Suicide or Homicide Prone
Abusing Families
Homeless Persons
Immigrants and Refugees

Describe applicable variables related to vulnerability for the population

Age: – infants/children and oldest old are more vulnerable
Gender- Chronic illness: Menare more likely to die of chronic
diseases/women are more likely to experiences more physical limitations due to
chronic illness
Race- Minority populations (African American, Hispanic, and Native American)
are much more likely to be in poor health than the majority populations
Income and education- More years of formal education and higher incomes are
directly associated with better health

Analyze the effect of multiple variables on the population selected in terms
of morbidity, mortality, and health.

The paper must be a minimum of two pages in length (excluding the title and
reference pages) and utilize APA format. Include a minimum of 3 references, in
addition to the textbook, cited in APA format. No plagerism Please

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