Behavioral systems model essay

Behavioral systems model essay


Paper 4 – Nursing or Interprofessional “Theory”: Philosophy, Conceptual Model, or Grand Theory – Describe a nursing or interprofessional “theory” (i.e., a philosophy, conceptual model, or grand theory

Within your Paper 4, in addition to the specifications below, include a brief discussion of the relevance of the theory for your chosen advanced nursing practice role (psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner role) with diverse populations.

10% Introduction – Briefly introduce the focus of the paper.

70% Discussion – Clearly, thoroughly, and succinctly discuss the focus of the paper, showing evidence of reading of professional literature and synthesis of the focus

10% Summary – Briefly summarize the key points and conclusions from the discussion.

10% Format – Consistently use APA format (6th edition) and correct English grammar across these papers, from the title page through the reference list. These papers must adhere to the following guidelines (all of which are in agreement with APA, 6th ed., format), as well as the other guidelines specified in the APA Manual (6th ed.): (a) be typed in a current version of Microsoft Word that can be opened by the course faculty; (b) be typed in Times New Roman typeface, with 12-point font size; (c) have doublespacing between all lines, including the title page and reference list; (d) have 1-1½ inch margins (top, bottom, right, and left); (e) include a title page and reference page; (f) have headings between sections; and (g) have a running head and page numbers.

Grading Rubric for Papers 1-4 The points for the first three criteria for Papers 1-4 are based on the level of evidence of critical thinking and synthesis related to the criteria and specific focus of the paper, including clarity, thoroughness, evidence of reading professional literature (as applicable to the criteria). For the fourth criteria (i.e., Format), the points are based on the level of evidence/achievement in terms of the accuracy of the format (APA, 6th edition), including grammar, across the paper.

*Note: Your grade on your papers will be reduced by 10% within each section of the paper each time that a primary reference is needed and is not included in the section of the paper and/or for each secondary reference used within the section of the paper. Again, it is essential that you only include primary references.

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