Birth Control Availability in the Community Essay

Birth Control Availability in the Community Essay

Birth Control Availability in the Community Essay


As an adult, you theoretically have many options for controlling your fertility. If you were a teenager under 18, your options may be different and/or more difficult to implement.

Individuals can seek out services through private providers, hospitals, clinics, and/or purchase over-the-counter products. Their ability to do that may depend upon such factors as finances, insurance, transportation, and education about options. In addition, one’s belief system and relationship status may also impact options and choices.

  1. One organization committed to providing services, regardless of a woman’s ability to pay, has been Planned Parenthood. The current election season has shown some politicians going after funding Planned Parenthood. Governor Christie proudly states how he defunded PP in New Jersey. Go online and visit the National Planned Parenthood website-
  2. Click on: “Find a health center near you”
  • Put in New Jersey.
  • Compare two centers in the state—one in a city, and one in another part of the state—suburban/rural. Identify the location of the sites you’re describing.
    • What kinds of services are available on site?
    • What are their hours?
    • What kind of transportation is available and/or required to get there?
    • What kinds of payment are accepted? How much money is needed for a typical visit?
  • Briefly comment on the differences in services between the two facilities.
  • Making the Purchase- Being an educated consumer. Visit each of the following types of stores where birth control methods may be purchased:•         Retail pharmacy—Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens•         Supermarket (Speak with me if there are transportation problems related to completing the assignment.)            Do an availability and comparison price check comparison for the following methods: •         Seasonale/ Seasonique•         NuvaRing•         Sponge
  1. •         Condoms
  2. •         Spermicides—foam, cream, gel, suppositories. Note the variety available.
  3. •         OrthoEvra Patch
  4. •         Monthly birth control pills
  5. •         Comprehensive retail store—i.e., Walmart, Target
  6. •         Small, local pharmacy
  •        Female Condom
  •        Emergency Contraception- Next Choice One Dose, Plan B One Step, Ella
  •        Other
  • You can submit a chart, or describe the differences in sentences. Make sure to identify the location of the store you visited.
  1. Thoughts, reactions and conclusions Conclude with 1-2 paragraphs on your reaction to the experience of “birth control shopping.” How did it feel to check the stores? What impressions related to access have resulted?Imagine that you were still a high school student. How would you feel shopping at each type of store? What challenges would you have to be able to access products and services?Grading:This assignment is worth 15 points.   Check the rubric posted in Blackboard.

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