Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project

Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project

Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project

Final Project: Evidence-Based Systematic Review

Students are to select option 1 or 2 and read the corresponding chapters. The writing rubric will be used to grade the final paper.  Follow APA 6th edition format. The paper should be no more than 10 pages, excluding the title and reference pages.

Choice 2:  Evidence-Based Systematic Review

Identify a clinical problem and develop a PICO question. Review the literature about this question, using a minimum of 10 references. This systematic review will identify, appraise, and synthesize the studies to answer the question. Conclusions are made based on scientific evidence.



  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Relevant clinical question
  • Purpose or aim of review
  • Literature Search criteria and strategies
  • Comprehensive search and results
  • Critical appraisal process and findings
  • Results of findings (table and narrative format)
  • Discussion—implications, limitations, conclusions

Paper Tips

This assignment is a scholarly paper designed to have you apply research concepts at an advanced level.  You have the option of conducting an evidenced based systematic review,or developing a research proposal.  A systematic review is commonly done as a culminating project in undergraduate research courses so you may have done one in the past.  Research proposals are typically done in advanced research courses.  If you feel you have a good handle on the technical aspects of the content, the proposal option might be a good challenge for you to undertake.  If not, a systematic review might be the best place to start. Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project.

  • A systematic review involves identifying a clinical problem, developing a research question (PICO question, p.459), and then finding research that directly answers that question.  It would be used if you were interested in making a practice change.  It requires:
  • An introduction providing background information related to the issue, and a discussion of the interventions that you will be comparing.
  • A clearly stated PICO question.
  • A thorough review of the details of the research studies that were found related to the PICO question.
  • A summary and rationale as to whether or not the question was answered.

A research proposal involves identifying a problem, conducting an extensive literature review that confirms that the issue needs to be studied, and then putting a proposal together for a study.  It requires details of:

  • The significance of the problem, and why it needs to be studied.
  • A thorough review of the details of the research studies that have been done on the topic.
  • The type of study that you would conduct.
  • The methods that you would employ,
  • Measurement tools and discussion of validity and reliability.
  • The statistical analysis procedures that you would utilize.

If you choose to do a systematic review, you will need a total of 10 references, 6-9 of them research studies that support your intervention.  Other references might include:  your text, APA manual, & theoretical and scholarly articles. Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project.

If you search the literature and are not finding enough research on you topic, then it may be an issue with your search terms.  If that’s the case, a librarian may be able to help.  If you still don’t yield any articles, it’s likely that it hasn’t been researched, in which case you should choose another topic that has enough studies to support it, or you may want to do a research proposal on that topic instead.

One clarification, the guidelines are a bit contradictory with regard to the abstract, a research proposal does not require one, while a systematic review does. Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project.

A few additional thoughts….

Headings and sub-headings should be explicit and should delineate the different sections of your paper.

* As mentioned above, the text chapters referenced in the instructions include a very detailed description of what the headings should address.  Hence, the text is an important reference for the content required.

* Be sure to review the “Rubric for Written Assignments” as that is the framework that will be used for grading.

Finally, don’t forget that the school of nursing utilizes Turnitin as a tool for the development of scholarly writing skills.  The assignment submission folders for the course are automatically linked to Turnitin for an originality check.  A similarity score of less than 24% is required for final submission.  If a score for a submitted paper is greater than 24% the paper may be edited and resubmitted until a score of 24% or less is obtained.  Hence, it’s a good idea to allow some extra time just. Evidence-Based Systematic Review Essay Assignment Project.

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