Write a Health Policy Values Sample Essay paper of 750-1,000 words examining your personal values and beliefs. Include the following:
1. Describe your personal values and spiritual beliefs.
2. Using the elements of cost, quality, and social issues to frame your description, differentiate your beliefs and opinions about health care policy. Give examples of relevant ethical principles, supported by your values.
3. Analyze how factors such as your upbringing, spiritual or religious beliefs/doctrine, personal and professional experiences, and political ideology affect your current perspective on health care policy Health Policy Values Sample Essay.
4. Examine any inconsistencies you discovered relative to the alignment of your personal values and beliefs with those concerning health policy. Discuss what insights this has given you.

Health Policy Values


Personal values and Spiritual beliefs

Spiritual beliefs and personal values play a significant role in the nursing profession. In particular, spirituality forms part of the holistic care when attending to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a patient. I acquired my religious beliefs from the Catholic family which mentored me through teaching me the traditions of the faith. Personal values are comprehensive and are essential trusting in one’s capability and self-determination to demonstrate who they are without impacting negatively on others. With attention to this, accountability is critical to me. The value teaches me to be responsible for my behavior which makes the patients and my colleagues develop trust in me. By the same token, authenticity and being genuine helps me show my true self and restricts me from compromising my values for reception of others. Additionally, I am self-reliable hence making me not to lean on others for my success. Reliability makes patients develop trust and also count on me. Health Policy Values Sample Essay.

Differentiate your beliefs and opinions about health care policy using the elements of cost, quality, and social issues

Boessel argues that the cost of health care in the United States is astronomical since it has treated a significant number of patients with multiple co-morbidities (2016). The patients can request the care which comforts them as they pay bills basing on how happy the patient is with the services  Health Policy Values Sample Essay. However, United States spends billion dollars on health problems such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes which could have been prevented if individuals lived a healthy lifestyle with regular exercises.

A survey of Kaiser Family Foundation of 2015 on employer health benefit revealed that the cost of healthcare premium rose by four percent between 2014 and 2015 whereas the wages only increased by one point nine percent (Boessel, 2016). Equally important, other than raising the premiums, the employers were subject to reaching deductibles before taking over any coverage hence leaving a lot of out-of-pocket expenses unaccounted for (Dimick & Ryan, 2014). Health Policy Values Sample Essay. Correspondingly, the mortality rate for infants in the United States is alarming, the chronic conditions of patients are controlled poorly, and the mistakes in the health care are four percent above the average of other countries. In my opinion, these elements discourage my dependence on our health care giving me a feeling that I can trust only my individual care. My inside skills of health care systems give me the privilege to make educated decisions on where I can seek health care.

There exist ethical and social issues which relate to the delivery of fair health care to all citizens. My opinion as a practicing nurse is that health upkeep is a mandatory and a right to all individuals irrespective of the republic of their origin or race. Identically, the cost of the healthcare in the United States will decrease if there will be annual checkups, diagnostic testing and also preventive screening which improves health care (Glen, 2013). The patients should be given the autonomy to decline or accept the service care provided to them Health Policy Values Sample Essay.

How does your religious, spiritual, personal /professional experience affect your current health care policy?

Taking care of patients and attending to family illness issues gave me the experience to develop a new perspective on life. The experience has made me more considerate to patients and their relatives when I consider the extent of my profession. Moreover, the experience has taught me how to communicate effectively as most of the families and patients are often scared of the outcome of the illness hence proper communication erases any fear. Not to mention, I have learnt not to be judgmental while giving care to patients with diverse religious and spiritual beliefs than my own. My professional experience has given me an opportunity to interconnect efficiently with patients irrespective of their dialectal since I am capable of delivering assurance using non-verbal cues, and being therapeutic to patients undergoing anxiety caused by their illness. The idea of thinking about appropriate health care for all regardless of their wages is essential.

Inconsistencies in Healthcare Policy and my insight

Even though America gives her citizens free press and freedom of speech, however, the country lacks health care for all Health Policy Values Sample Essay. Health care is a human right which should, therefore, be made available to all people. In contrast, there are inconsistencies in health care policies. For instance, Medicare is only available for persons with over sixty years old and the disabled individuals whereas Medicaid is only offered to low salaried individuals and those living in dearth. Such inconsistencies make me fail to understand whether health care in the United States is a privilege or a right. High premiums discourage middle class and low class families to take health insurance since they find it unaffordable. My insight is that the lawmakers, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies should make it easier for health professionals to keep their values. The healthcare policies must undergo revision and access to health care granted to all people regardless of who they are. Such measures will improve the quality of healthcare in the United States.



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