NSG 6999
State your PICOT question. Indicate in parentheses after each segment, what part of PICOT the preceding words represent. For example: In patients recently discharged from the hospital following care for heart failure (P), do hand-off calls by the nurse to the primary care provider using the SBAR format (situation, background, assessment, recommendation)(I) compared to no calls (C) decrease readmission rates (O) over a one year period (T). Discuss which process model resonates with you and will help keep you focused during theproject. Process models included in your text (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011) are:Clinical scholar model Stetler model of evidence-based practice Iowa model of evidence-based practice to promote quality care Model for evidence-based practice change by Rosswurm and Larrabee Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (JHNEBP) ModelProvide feedback to your classmates that focuses on:The use of correct PICOT format for the question to guide the literature search. Does the question reflect a clinical research question or one appropriate for an evidence-based practice project?
Week 3 – NSG 6999 Assignment 1 Discussion
 In this discussion, you will share your search strategies that you have employed to findevidence for your study.For this discussion:State your PICOT question. Did using the terms used in this question lead you to usefulresearch studies?What MESH terms have you tried? Did they help you find additional studies? Are you findingMESH terms useful to expand or delimit your search?Are you finding relevant articles? If not, how did you modify your search to increaseproductivity?Indicate which databases you used
those you found useful and those that were not. What levels of evidence do the studies you are finding represent?Post any questions or concerns you may have and provide feedback and recommendationsto your classmates.Working together and sharing search strategies is very helpful. Use the Search Tracker to keep track of search terms. Using the appropriate Rapid Clinical Appraisal (RCA) Tools, appraise one or two articles andadd the information to your Evaluation Table to receive feedback from faculty. At this juncture, your table is a work in progress. You will complete it in Week 4. The RCA Toolsand Evaluation Table in Word for you to complete can be found in the Week 3 Overviewsection. 
Week 4 – NSG 6999 Assignment 1 Discussion
 Discuss your experience completing the rapid critical appraisal process. 
Was it really “rapid” or was it more of a laborious process?
Did reading the abstract help you make quick decisions about including or excluding thestudy?What worked best for you in terms of the approach you decided to use to complete the
appraisal and Evaluation Table? What didn’t work?
 Post any questions or concerns you may have and provide feedback and recommendationsto your classmates.Working together and sharing search strategies is very helpful. 
Week 5 – Assignment 1 Discussion
 This week the discussion focuses on creating a Synthesis Table(s) as a means to summarizeand organize the body of evidence from the Evaluation Table. The Synthesis tables will beincluded in your formal proposal in the Appendix. In the body of the paper, you will describe the “keeper” studies in narrative format
. For this NSG 6999 discussion, include the following:Share your approach to synthesizing the evidence. What were the variables of interest youidentified?Learning to write in a scholarly fashion requires that you are able to succinctly summarizean article in a sentence or two and cite it appropriately using APA format. In this discussion,practice summarizing 2 articles you have identified from the Synthesis Table as pertinent toyour proposal. Include the level of evidence, study design, and evidence of rigor. Useappropriate APA citation in text and references. Incorporate feedback from peers and facultyin your Dropbox assignment for this week. In addition to research studies, patient preference and clinical expertise should also beconsidered. Discuss how you will incorporate these important perspectives into your projectproposal. 
Week 6 – NSG 6999 Assignment 1 Discussion
For this week’s NSG 6999 discussion, please address the following:
 Briefly describe the clinical issue or problem for your project, the setting, and population ofinterest to orient classmates and facultyWrite your clinical questionDescribe the intervention you plan to testWhat type of study will you conduct? Will it be experimental? Quasi-experimental? Provide arationale for your answer. Provide feedback on the clinical questions of your colleagues
Week 7 – NSG 6999 Assignment 1 Discussion
 This discussion will focus on the measurement tools you will use to evaluate change from the intervention. The purpose of this discussion is to fine-tune your thinking about evaluation by receiving feedback from colleagues and faculty. Include in your discussion:Write a brief description of your project that starts by stating your clinical question and succinctly explaining your planned intervention in order to orient everyone. Will you need to develop your own evaluation tools or are valid and reliable tools available? NSG 6999.

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